Added value colofer®

  • More than just environmentally compatible: The ECO pioneer
    colofer® is a true pioneer when it comes to protecting the environment and employee health and safety. Already in 1998, voestalpine developed an environmentally compatible method for the production of colofer® by completely eliminating chromium and chromate from the process, without compromising the excellent product performance and the length of guarantee periods. voestalpine operates the cleanest and most environmentally compatible steelmaking plant in Europe and more than lives up to its reputation as an environmental pioneer.
  • More than just quality: High quality made in Austria
    High-tech steel strips produced by voestalpine and paints from renowned European manufacturers are the basis for the consistently high level of quality that is characteristic of colofer®. Thanks to our integrated steel mill at the Linz location, we always have full control of all value-adding process steps involved. colofer® is produced in a single facility using high-precision measuring methods. As a result, our customers benefit from consistently high quality and from products that strictly comply with the agreed specifications.
  • More than just products—colofer® service
    We consider services to be part of the product itself, which is why we also strive for perfection in our services. Find out more about our colofer® services!

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