Village center of St. Peter; source: Lentia Publishing House (

Work on the blast furnace foundations began right in the middle of the village (2 August 1938); source: History Club Stahl

National Socialism and Linz

Area I

The character of the city of Linz changed sustainably during the time of National Socialism. As early as 1938, Linz was named one of the five cities of the Führer. An iron and steel works was planned to be built in St. Peter-Zizlau next to cultural buildings of prestige, administration buildings and residential housing areas for tens of thousands of people. Groundbreaking was held on 13 May 1938 and marked the beginning of construction at the Linz location of Reichswerke Hermann Göring AG Berlin. Construction of the metallurgical plant in Linz, arms operations of the Upper Danube Iron Works, Stahlbau GmbH and the residential buildings for the population of St. Peter-Zizlau and local employee, person employees would never have been possible without the forced laborers.

Following an introduction of the topics and the introductory video, this area displays original documents and artifacts from the time of construction of Hermann Göring Werke in Linz. How did the largest industrial project of National Socialism come to be? Location and forced labor issues under the NS regime are the focus of the first area.

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