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Title picture: Incoming forced laborers on their way to Barracks 44 of Hermann Göring Werke in Niedernhart. Bindermichl-Stadlerstraße residential block in the background. Source: Lentia Publishing House (


Exhibit: Entrance to exhibit at headquarters; source: voestalpine Stahlwelt GmbH
Introduction and motivation: Image 1: NS salary slips and personnel files in the Documentation Center of voestalpine; source: voestalpine Stahlwelt GmbH; Image 2: Brick logo originally incorporated in the wall of Plant Building No. 4 of Reichswerke Hermann Göring AG Berlin. Now inlaid in the floor of the exhibit. Source: voestalpine Stahlwelt GmbH
Exhibit design: Image 1: The exhibit design invites the visitor to experience an intimate connection with the exhibit themes; source: voestalpine Stahlwelt GmbH; Image 2: Undisturbed by other visitors, you will hear the remembrances of forced laborers coming from the illuminated suspended columns that are accessible from every direction. Source: voestalpine Stahlwelt GmbH; Image 3: A bright and open reception area of the historical exhibit; source: voestalpine Stahlwelt GmbH

National Socialism and Linz: Image 1: Village center of St. Peter, Lentia Publishing House, Image 2: Work on the blast furnace foundations began right in the middle of the village (2 August 1938); source: History Club Stahl
Forced Labor and Its Many Faces: Image 1, see title picture on home page; Image 2: Forced laborers march from Glimpfingerstraße to the barracks at Bindermichl; source: Lentia Publishing House
Human Fate: Image 1: Arrested Polish forced laborer; source: Lentia Publishing House; Image 2: Soviet forced laborers arriving at a transit camp (December 1942); source: Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin
Destruction and Reconstruction: Image 1: B24 bomber of the US Air Force fly over Linz works in toward the south; source: Lentia Publishing House; Image 2: Concentration camp prisoners repairing bomb damage in the works; source: History Club Stahl

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