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Using excellent pre-materials, we produce perfect Technical Cords and Filaments for a broad variety of industries.

voestalpine Wire Rod Austria - Fürstenfeld Branch has state-of-the-art plant and equipment, and excellent specialist competence in the production of technical cords and filaments. Our strengths are flexibility and working in partnership with our customers. We enjoy the challenge of designing individual solutions for our customers.

Our high quality technical cords & filaments are used in many different applications like elevator industry, sealing industry, music industry and many more.

Technical Cords & Filaments by voestalpine Special Wire

voestalpine Wire Rod Austria GmbH - Fürstenfeld Branch produces technical cords & filaments designed for demanding applications and is the only manufacturer in the world able to offer not only 100% continuous quality inspections but also monitoring and documentation of the whole production process

  • Maximum customer value through optimized product properties
  • High added value and the ability to influence all process parameters along the production chain
  • Strict adherence to schedules, flexibility and partnership with our customers

Reinforcement Wire

For metallic reinforcement of belts, hoses and tyres. 

  • Used material grades: C alloyed steels
  • Coating: Most of the wires are coated in brass (enhanced wire-to-rubber adhesion)
  • After drawing, the wires are braided, formed into sheets or spiralled, which then are coated with elastomers
Inner tube for conveyance of the fluid
  • gives the hose its chemical compatibility characteristics. Therefore, it has to be flexible and needs to be matched to the fluid carried within the tube
Reinforcement for strength
  • surrounds the inner tube and gives the necessary strength as well as the ability to hold pressure.
Outer cover for protection
  • protects the reinforcement from abrasion, corrosion, chemicals and ozone.

High Pressure Hose Wire

    • A hydraulic hose connects moving components
    • Steel inserts allow usage under maximum pressures
    • Hydraulic hoses usually consist of the hose itself and hose fittings
    • Permanent pressure tight connection of all parts due to deformation of the hose pressing process
    • The anatomy of hoses consists of three basic elements (Figure 1)
    • The materials selected depend on the operating temperature, the environmental conditions and the fluid, which is conveyed
      within the hose.
    • Reinforcement layer is the most important load-bearing element within the hose.
    • There can be several layers and types of reinforcements, which allows hoses to withstand high and extra high pressure. 
    • Depending on the internal pressure, a distinction is made between braided and spiral reinforcement (Figure 2).
    • Braiding machines continuously lay steel braids over one another to form long lengths of hose.
    • Spiralling is more difficult and is used to form highest pressure hydraulic hoses.
    • From ore to wire from one single source. Thus, maximum flexibility in all process steps.
    • Products developed on a customized basis to meet the highest requirements
    • Consistent and uniform tensile strengths
    • Worldwide operation with the necessary logistics
    • The best winding technology available, therefore high unwinding speeds
    • Environmental friendly and most advanced production facilities
    • Local sales hubs

Product Portfolio High Pressure Hose Wire


Diameter (mm) Tensile strength (N/mm²)
0,15 3210 - 3690
0,20 3370 - 3600
0,25 3210 - 3690
0,30 3420 - 3670
0,38 3280 - 3500
0,40 3170 - 3390


  • Standard surface is brass coated or bare

Quality Control

  • EN ISO 9001:2008