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This is what our customers appreciate about our company

7 February 2023 | 

"High product quality, reliability and outstanding research and development competence, as well as excellent customer orientation and our professional technical advice" are benefits that our customers praise as clear customer advantages.

Results of the 2022 customer satisfaction survey

We are very pleased with the international online customer satisfaction survey conducted at the end of 2022 in German, English and Italian, which brought us a great deal of appreciation and superlatives such as "excellent cooperation, top service and incomparable flexibility" in the feedback.

Our customers would like to receive more offers and information from us in the area of sustainability and CO2 neutrality - feedback that we gladly accept as an order that we will fulfill in the very near future. Stay tuned!

But it's not just the results of the customer survey that give us every reason to be pleased; the great response rate also speaks for itself. The results fill us with pride and motivate us to continue performing at the highest level.

We would like to thank our customers for participating in the survey and for the time they invested in providing their feedback. We would also like to thank our employees, who perform at their best every day to deliver wire of the highest quality and top customer service.

I particularly like the passion with which the employees are involved.

so a literal feedback in the survey

In line with our values, we stand for quality, innovation, flexibility and sustainability and will continue to give everything for one goal: to deliver performance in wire to our customers.

Thank you for your feedback in the 2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey!