voestalpine Böhler Welding

Schweißen & Schneiden Flashback Part 1

20. ekm 2017

The leading brand for welding consumables & solutions, Böhler Welding, launched Diamondspark, the ultimate range of premium seamless cored wires.

voestalpine Böhler Welding took advantage of the unique podium of Schweißen & Schneiden 2017 to present “Diamondspark” by Böhler Welding, the ultimate range of seamless cored wires covering all seamless tubular (Diamondspark T-line) and laser sealed types (Diamondspark L-line) manufactured in Europe.

The Diamondspark T-line has a worldwide proven track record with the full range of highest quality copper-coated seamless cored wires. The portfolio includes rutile and basic types as well as a specialized range for high performance subarc welding. The Diamondspark T-line covers a great variety of welding applications in normal strength, high strength, low-temperature, weather resistant and heat resistant steels. Approved by major approval societies, Diamondspark T-line products are the best choice for demanding industries like oil & gas, offshore and pipeline constructions.

The latest invention, the Diamondspark L-line (laser-sealed) is a unique precision tool which ensures highest productivity in automatic welding. The Diamondspark L-line is today’s best available choice to optimize robotic or mechanized serial fabrication of high integrity components in demanding industries. With diffusible hydrogen at the level of solid wires, the Diamondspark L-line are the perfect seamless cored wires for high and ultra-high strength steel welding and other extremely hydrogen critical applications.

S & S visitors got impressed by the robotic welding of demanding high strength steel concrete pump components using Diamondspark L-line products in a giant diamond.

For detailed information on Diamondspark seamless cored wires go to Diamondspark.

Here a detailed brochure & product fact sheets can be downloaded and a video is showing the use of Diamondspark laser-sealed metal-cored wires by a world leading fabricator of mobile cranes in high strength steel.