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Stick electrodes for unalloyed steel: Basic Coating

27. Мар 2018

Böhler Welding stick electrodes.
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No matter which electrode is required, you will find it at Böhler Welding. 

The most commonly used basic-coated electrodes for the welding of unalloyed steels are presented here:



Characteristics and typical fields of application



Basic electrode for high-quality welds. Good weld ability in all positions except vertical-down. Metal recovery about 110 %. Very low hydrogen content (according AWS condition HD < 4 ml/100g weld metal). Weld metal extremely ductile, crack resistant and ageing resistant thus especially suited for rigid welds with heavy seam cross sections.



Basic electrode engineered for high-quality welds. Excellent strength and toughness properties down to -50°C. Metal recovery approx. 110%. Good weld ability in all position except for verticaldown. Very low hydrogen content (acc. AWS condition HD < 4 ml/100g weld metal). Suitable for welding steels with low purity and high carbon content. Welding in steel construction, boiler and tank manufacture, vehicle construction, shipbuilding, and machine construction as well as for buffer layers on build ups on high carbon steels. Especially suitable for off-shore construction, CTOD tested at -10°C. BÖHLER FOX EV 50 can be used in sour gas applications (HIC-Test acc. NACE TM-02-84). Test values for SSC-test are available too.


Phoenix 120 K

Basic covered electrode. Very good welding characteristics including out of position work; 120 % weld metal recovery; H2-content in the weld metal ≤5 ml/100 g; very pure cryogenic weld metal at temperatures as low as –50 °C (–58 °F); CTOD tested up to –10 °C (14 °F). Suitable for use in structural steel work, boiler making, tank construction, ship and bridge building and vehicle manufacture; particularly suitable for welding fine grained structural steels. Excellent weldability on offshore steels.



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