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Drum Systems for Cost-Efficient Welding presented on Schweissen & Schneiden!

26. sep 2017

Wire Volume Systems for Cost-Efficient Welding

Welding wires from voestalpine Böhler Welding can be supplied in special volume packaging in the form of round, square and octagonal drums with filling contents from 100 up to 500 kg, depending on wire type and diameter. They provide efficient MIG/MAG welding, especially in mechanized and robotic operations where the elimination of time consuming wire spool exchanges yields drastically increased duty cycles and production output.

Drum solutions are offered across the wire ranges of our three category brands – Böhler Welding, UTP Maintenance and Fontargen Brazing – covering non and low-alloyed, stainless, aluminium, nickel-base and copper-base main wire types for welding, cladding, hardfacing and brazing. The range includes solid wires, flux and metal-cored wires and submerged arc welding wires. A range of accessories for efficient internal transport and installation of the drums is available, including a choice of different “click and go” liner types to connect the drums with the wire feed unit. Additional with the Böhler LD feed we offer a smart way to ensure trouble free wire transport even over long distances.

Increased net arc time
Drastically reduced downtime for wire spool exchange is a major and most obvious saving when using drums instead of 18 kg wire spools. With the 500 kg drum, you will avoid 26 spool changes of roughly ten minutes each, while the 250 kg drum accounts for a gain of 13 spool changes. The result is 260 or 130 more minutes of net arc time and a correspondingly higher duty cycle and production output. Use of the drums will thereby immediately lower your welding costs and improve your company’s competitive edge.


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