voestalpine Böhler Welding

Schweißen & Schneiden Flashback Part 3

10. Nov 2017

First Award for Outstanding Application Services was given in Four Categories in a Festive Ceremony.

Filler metal specialist voestalpine Böhler Welding took advantage of the podium of Schweißen & Schneiden 2017 to highlight the industry’s leading program of application services. The evening of September 26th, more than 350 invited customers - representing a great variety of industries from across the globe - gathered at the company’s stand to witness the first ever Solvator Award ceremony. In total nine awards in four different categories were granted to projects where fabricators innovated their welding solutions in close collaboration with voestalpine Böhler Welding application services. The nominees and winners were selected by a first class jury consisting of e.g. Univ.Prof Dr. Christof Somitsch, TU Graz, Univ. Prof. Dr. Ronald Schnitzer, Montanuniversität Leoben and voestalpine Böhler Welding CEO Günter Neureiter.


Günter Neureiter opened the ceremony by stressing the vision and mission of his company. “In our perception, the supply of high quality filler materials for joining, cladding and brazing is where it begins – and certainly not where it stops. In the welding industry, we have the most experienced team of application engineers available for consultation and their suitcases are always packed. Working together with customers to help them get the best out of our products in terms of welding solutions is in the very DNA of our company. It differentiates us from our competition and therefore we have decided to showcase the most appealing results of our cooperation with fabricators by means of the Solvator Awards.”

During a lively and entertaining ceremony, awards were granted in the categories “best technical solution”, “most efficient solution” and “most environmentally-friendly solution”. An additional, not announced price was given for the best value package. In each category, winners were selected out of over 50 submissions from across the globe, using a set of criteria to assess challenge, difficulty, innovation and customer benefits. 

The Golden Solvator Award for best technical solutionwas granted to the French military shipyardNaval Groupfor the joint development and qualification of a flux-cored wire for the welding of submarines in high strength steel. In this industry weld quality and safety are the overriding issues, but the underlying objective was to replace stick electrodes and obtain an improved welding economy in fabricating the hull sections. voestalpine Böhler Welding application servicesadvised on the type of cored wire to use and further improved it, after testing by the yard’s R&D department. The new solution not only passed the challenging technical requirements, including explosion testing, but also provides a roughly three times increased welding productivity.

The Golden Solvator Award for most efficient solutionwas earned byFelguera Calderia Pesadain Spain for the high deposition electro slag strip cladding of Alloy 825 in two thin layers onto heavy wall thickness reactor steel. For this application, voestalpine Böhler Welding application services tested an over alloyed 825 grade strip with a newly developed high speed flux with good stability, good slag detachability and high resistance to hot cracking. Support was rendered in the qualification and implementation of welding procedures. The project was completed in time with full fulfilment of the customer’s requirements.

The Golden Solvator Award for most environmentally-friendly solutionwas given to the Moroccan constructorPROMINOXfor their contribution to the Moroccan Noor solar power project. PROMINOX acquired the contract for the construction of molten salt storage tanks for the second phase of the project, Noor 2. It concerned three unalloyed steel tanks and one tank in AISI 347H stainless steel. voestalpine Böhler Welding application services supported the company in the selection of the welding consumables – a metal-cored wire and a wire / flux combination for submerged arc welding - the establishment of welding procedure qualifications and the on-site training of the welders. 

The Golden Solvator Award for the best value packagewas granted toGeneral Electric Indiafor the fabrication of locomotive truck frames (bogies), involving the joining of IS 2062 grade cast to forged steel – which is considered a global benchmark. In service the frames are subjected to fatigue loads which places high demands on weld quality and appearance. Out of three originally trialled high potential filler materials suggested voestalpine Böhler Welding application services, metal-cored wire was selected as the best option and extensively tested for welding procedure qualification. Fatigue was the number one aspect in an elaborate test program. Welded test frames were sent to the USA for acceptance testing, with positive results. Locally performed tests focused on limiting the loss of mechanical strength in the heat affected zone and the control of distortion – both through the fine-tuning of welding parameters. Also investigated was the possibility to avoid welding defects in difficult to reach areas. The metal-cored wire passed all destructive and non-destructive test requirements. In practical welding it proved an easy-to-weld and cost efficient solution.