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As a globally active supplier in the field of joint welding, Böhler Welding offers its customers the best solutions and products for stainless steels. Stainless steel welding is a complex mix of metallurgy, chemistry, geometry and aesthetics. Knowledge and skill are essential in achieving optimum properties and surface finishes. A major element in this has been the development of covered electrodes, solid wires, flux-cored wires and fluxes for high-alloyed steels and specific applications. Complementing the above, the product range also includes cleaning and pickling products for stainless steels.

Our extensive research and development activities are closely attuned to the needs and wishes expressed by customers worldwide.

The pooling of expertise enables us to give the best possible advice on the selection of stainless steels, welding consumables and methods.


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With over 90 years of experience, Böhler Welding has actively shaped the history of stainless welding technology and will continue to do so in the future.

Overview of stainless steel products manufactured by voestalpine Böhler Welding:

Flux- and metal-cored wires (FCAW/MCAW)

For high-alloyed base materials, precise alloy adjustments ensure high quality welds with excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Our state-of-the-art production technology and internal quality control - exceeding the high standards of the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality system - ensure outstanding and consistent product quality to our customers and partners – every time. 

Böhler Welding flux-cored wires offer a productive and versatile alternative for the welding of stainless steel. The range consists of all-positional types with fast-freezing slag enabling superior deposition rates and downhand types with slow-freezing slag optimized for flat and horizontal PA (1G/1F), PB (2F) welding with a high travel speed.

Flux- and metal-cored wires product portfolio

FOXcore 13/4-T1 filter.0.0 T 13 4 P M21/C1 1 (H5) filter.1.0 E410NiMoT1-4/1 (H4) filter.2.0 filter.3.0
FOXcore 13/4-MC filter.0.1 T 13 4 M M12 2  filter.1.1 EC410NiMo (mod.) filter.2.1 filter.3.1
FOXcore 13/4-MC F filter.0.2 T 13 4 M M12 2  filter.1.1 EC410NiMo (mod.) filter.2.1 filter.3.2
FOXcore 13/4-MC HD filter.0.3 T 13 4 M M12 2 filter.1.2 EC410NiMo (mod.) filter.2.1 filter.3.3
FOXcore 308L-T0 filter.0.4 T 19 9 L R M21 (C1) 3 filter.1.3 E308LT0-4(1) filter.2.2 filter.3.4
FOXcore 308L-T0 DG filter.0.5 T 19 9 L R M21/C1 3 filter.1.4 E308LT0-4/1 filter.2.3 filter.3.5
FOXcore 308L-T1 filter.0.6 T 19 12 3 L P M21 (C1) 1 filter.1.5 E316LT1-4(1) filter.2.4 filter.3.6
FOXcore 308L-T1 C1 filter.0.7 T 19 9 L P C1 1 filter.1.6 E308LT1-1 filter.2.5 filter.3.7
FOXcore 316L-T0 filter.0.8 T 19 12 3 L R M21 (C1) 3 filter.1.7 E316LT0-4(1) filter.2.6 filter.3.8
FOXcore 316L-T0 DG filter.0.9 T 19 12 3 L R M21/C1 3 filter.1.8 E316LT0-4/1 filter.2.7 filter.3.9
FOXcore 316L-T1 filter.0.10 T 19 12 3 L P M21 (C1) 1 filter.1.5 E316LT1-4(1) filter.2.4 filter.3.10
FOXcore 316L-T1 C1 filter.0.11 T 19 12 3 L P C1 1 filter.1.9 E316LT1-1 filter.2.8 filter.3.11
FOXcore 347-T0 filter.0.12 T 19 9 Nb R M21 (C1) 3 filter.1.10 E347T0-4(1) filter.2.9 filter.3.12
FOXcore 347-T1 filter.0.13 T 19 9 Nb P M21 (C1) 1 filter.1.11 E347T1-4(1) filter.2.10 filter.3.13
FOXcore 318-T0 filter.0.14 T 19 12 3 Nb R M21 (C1) 3 filter.1.12 ~E318T0 filter.2.11 filter.3.14
FOXcore 318-T1 filter.0.15 T 19 12 3 Nb P M21 (C1) 1 filter.1.13 ~E318T1 filter.2.12 filter.3.15
FOXcore 317L-T0 filter.0.16 T Z 19 13 4 L R M21 (C1) 3 filter.1.14 E317LT0-4(1) filter.2.13 filter.3.16
FOXcore 317L-T1 filter.0.17 T Z 19 13 4 L P M21 (C1) 1 filter.1.15 E317LT1-4(1) filter.2.14 filter.3.17
FOXcore 308L-MC filter.0.18 T 19 9 L M M12 2 filter.1.16 EC308L filter.2.15 filter.3.18
FOXcore 316L-MC filter.0.19 T 19 12 3 L M M12 2 filter.1.17 EC316L filter.2.16 filter.3.19
FOXcore 308L-T1 Cryo filter.0.20 T 19 9 L P M21 (C1) 1 filter.1.18 E308LT1-4(1) filter.2.17 filter.3.20
FOXcore 316L-T1 Cryo filter.0.21 T Z 19 12 3 L P M21 (C1) 1 filter.1.19 E316LT1-4(1) filter.2.4 filter.3.21
FOXcore 2307-T0 filter.0.22 T 23 7 N L R M21 (C1) 3 filter.1.20 E2307T0-4(1) filter.2.18 filter.3.22
FOXcore 2307-T1 filter.0.23 T 23 7 N L P M21 (C1) 1 filter.1.21 E2307T1-4(1) filter.2.19 filter.3.23
FOXcore 2209-T0 filter.0.24 T 22 9 3 N L R M21 (C1) 3 filter.1.22 E2209T0-4(1) filter.2.20 filter.3.24
FOXcore 2209-T1 filter.0.25 T 22 9 3 N L P M21 (C1) 1 filter.1.23 E2209T1-4(1) filter.2.21 filter.3.25
FOXcore 2209-T1 HD filter.0.26 T 22 9 3 N L P M21 (C1) 1 filter.1.23 E2209T1-4(1) filter.2.21 filter.3.26
FOXcore 2594-T1 filter.0.27 T 25 9 4 N L P M21 (C1) 2 filter.1.24 E2594T1-4(1) filter.2.22 filter.3.27
FOXcore 2594-T1 HD filter.0.28 T 25 9 4 N L P M21 (C1) 2 filter.1.24 E2594T1-4(1) filter.2.22 filter.3.28
FOXcore 307-T0 filter.0.29 T 18 8 Mn R M21/C1 3 filter.1.25 E307T0-4(1) filter.2.23 filter.3.29
FOXcore 307-T1 filter.0.30 T 18 8 Mn P M21/C1 2 filter.1.26 E307T1-4(1) filter.2.24 filter.3.30
FOXcore 309L-T0 filter.0.31 T 23 12 L R M21 (C1) 3 filter.1.27 E309LT0-4(1) filter.2.25 filter.3.31
FOXcore 309L-T0 DG filter.0.32 T 23 12 L R M21/C1 3 filter.1.28 E309LT0-4/1 filter.2.26 filter.3.32
FOXcore 309L-T1 filter.0.33 T 23 12 L P M21 (C1) 1 filter.1.29 E309LT1-4(1) filter.2.27 filter.3.33
FOXcore 309L-T1 C1 filter.0.34 T 23 12 L P C1 1 filter.1.30 E309LT1-1 filter.2.28 filter.3.34
FOXcore 309LMo-T0 filter.0.35 T 23 12 2 L R M21 (C1) 3 filter.1.31 E309LMoT0-4(1) filter.2.29 filter.3.35
FOXcore 309LMo-T1 filter.0.36 T 23 12 2 L P M21 (C1) 1 filter.1.32 E309LMoT1-4(1) filter.2.30 filter.3.36
FOXcore 307-MC filter.0.37 T 18 8 Mn M M12 1 filter.1.33 EC307 (mod.) filter.2.31 filter.3.37
FOXcore 309L-MC filter.0.38 T 23 12 L M M12 1 filter.1.34 EC309L filter.2.32 filter.3.38
FOXcore 308 H-T0 filter.0.39 T Z 19 9 H R M21 (C1) 3 filter.1.35 E308HT0-4(1) filter.2.33 filter.3.39
FOXcore 308 H-T1 filter.0.40 T Z 19 9 H P M21 (C1) 1 filter.1.36 E308HT1-4(1) filter.2.34 filter.3.40
FOXcore 347L H-T0 filter.0.41 T 19 9 Nb R M21 (C1) 3 filter.1.10 E347T0-4(1) filter.2.9 filter.3.41
FOXcore 347 H-T1 filter.0.42 T 19 9 Nb P M21 (C1) 1 filter.1.11 E347T1-4(1) filter.2.10 filter.3.42
FOXcore 309L H-T0 filter.0.43 T 23 12 L R M21 (C1) 3 filter.1.27 E309LT0-4(1) filter.2.25 filter.3.43
FOXcore 309L H-T1 filter.0.44 T 23 12 L P M21 (C1) 1 filter.1.29 E309LT1-4(1) filter.2.27 filter.3.44
FOXcore 309L Nb H-T0 filter.0.45 T 23 12 L Nb R M21 (C1) 3 filter.1.37 E309LNbT0-4(1) filter.2.35 filter.3.45
FOXcore Nicro 82-T0 filter.0.46 T Ni 6082 R M21 3 filter.1.38 ENiCr3T0-4 filter.2.36 filter.3.46
FOXcore Nicro 83-T0 filter.0.47 T Ni 6083 R M21 3 filter.1.39 ENiCr3T0-4 (mod.) filter.2.37 filter.3.47
FOXcore 625-T1 filter.0.48 T Ni 6625 P M21 2 filter.1.40 ENiCrMo3T1-4 filter.2.38 filter.3.48
FOXcore 625-T1 PF filter.0.49 T Ni 6625 P M21 2 filter.1.40 ENiCrMo3T1-4 filter.2.38 filter.3.49
BÖHLER CAT 409L Ti-MC filter.0.50 filter.1.41 EC409 filter.2.39 filter.3.50
BÖHLER CAT 430L Cb-MC  filter.0.51 T Z 17 Nb M M12 1  filter.1.42 EC439Nb filter.2.40 filter.3.51
BÖHLER CAT 430L Cb Ti-MC  filter.0.52 T Z 17 Nb Ti L M M12 1  filter.1.43 EC430G / EC439Nb filter.2.41 filter.3.52
BÖHLER CAT 439L Ti-MC  filter.0.53 T Z 17 Ti L M M12 1  filter.1.44 EC439 filter.2.42 filter.3.53

SAW wires and flux

Submerged arc welding (SAW) uses a metallic filler metal (wire) and a non-metallic consumable, the welding flux. Böhler Welding offers a vast range of filler materials for submerged arc welding. The product range comprises over 120 wire/flux combinations covering all types of stainless steel. They are fully developed in-house and are manufactured in our specialized production unit in Hamm, Germany.

SAW wires and flux product portfolio

BÖHLER CN 13/4-UP + BÖHLER BB 203 filter.0.0 13 4 filter.1.0 410NiMo (mod.) filter.2.0 filter.3.0
Thermanit 13/04 + Marathon 104 filter.0.1 13 4 filter.1.0 410NiMo filter.2.1 filter.3.1
Avesta 248 SV + Avesta Flux 805, BÖHLER BB 203 filter.0.2 16 5 1 filter.1.1 filter.2.2 filter.3.2
Thermanit 17 + Marathon 213, BÖHLER BB 203 filter.0.3 17 filter.1.2 430 filter.2.3 filter.3.2
BÖHLER SKWAM-UP + BÖHLER BB 203 filter.0.4 Z 17 Mo filter.1.3 --- filter.2.4 filter.3.2
Thermanit 17/15 TT + Marathon 104 filter.0.5 Z 17 15 Mn W filter.1.4 --- filter.2.4 filter.3.3
BÖHLER A 7 CN-UP + BÖHLER BB 203 filter.0.6 18 8 Mn filter.1.5 307 (mod.) filter.2.5 filter.3.2
ASN 5-UP + Marathon 104, BÖHLER BB 203 filter.0.7 Z 18 16 5 N L filter.1.6 317L (mod.) filter.2.6 filter.3.2
Thermanit ATS 4 + Marathon 104 filter.0.8 19 9 H filter.1.7 19-10H filter.2.7 filter.3.4
Thermanit JE-308L + Avesta Flux 805, Marathon 213, Marathon 431 filter.0.9 19 9 L filter.1.8 308L filter.2.8 filter.3.5
BÖHLER EAS 2-UP (LF) + BÖHLER BB 203, Marathon 431 filter.0.10 19 9 L filter.1.8 308L filter.2.8 filter.3.6
Thermanit H-347 + Avesta Flux 805, Marathon 213, Marathon 431 filter.0.11 19 9 Nb filter.1.9 347 filter.2.9 filter.3.7
Thermanit GE-316L  + Marathon 431, Marathon 213, Avesta Flux 805 filter.0.12 19 12 3 L filter.1.10 316L filter.2.10 filter.3.8
BÖHLER EAS 4 M-UP (LF) + BÖHLER BB 203, Marathon 213 filter.0.13 Z 19 12 3 L filter.1.11 316L filter.2.10 filter.3.2
Thermanit A + Marathon 21, Marathon 431, Avesta Flux 805 filter.0.14 19 12 3 Nb filter.1.12 318 filter.2.11 filter.3.9
Avesta 317L/SNR + Avesta Flux 805 filter.0.15 19 13 4 L filter.1.13 317L filter.2.12 filter.3.10
Thermanit 20/10 + Avesta Flux 805, BÖHLER BB 203, Marathon 213 filter.0.16 20 10 3 filter.1.14 308Mo (mod.) filter.2.13 filter.3.2
Thermanit 19/15 + Marathon 104, Marathon 213 filter.0.17 20 16 3 Mn N L filter.1.15 316L (mod.) filter.2.14 filter.3.11
Thermanit 20/25 Cu + Marathon 104 filter.0.18 20 25 5 Cu L filter.1.16 385 filter.2.15 filter.3.12
Avesta 253 MA + Avesta Flux 805 filter.0.19 21 10 N filter.1.17 filter.2.2 filter.3.13
Avesta 2205 + Avesta Flux 805 filter.0.20 22 9 3 N L filter.1.18 2209 filter.2.16 filter.3.14
Thermanit 22/09 + Marathon 431 filter.0.21 22 9 3 N L filter.1.18 2209 filter.2.16 filter.3.15
Thermanit D + Marathon 104 filter.0.22 22 12 H filter.1.19 309 (mod.) filter.2.17 filter.3.2
Thermanit 20/16 SM + Marathon 104 filter.0.23 Z 22 17 8 4 N L filter.1.20 --- filter.2.4 filter.3.2
Avesta LDX 2101 + Avesta Flux 805 filter.0.24 23 7 N L filter.1.21 2307 filter.2.18 filter.3.16
Avesta 2304 + Avesta Flux 805 filter.0.25 23 7 N L filter.1.21 2307 filter.2.18 filter.3.17
Thermanit 25/14 E-309L + Marathon 213, Marathon 431, Avesta Flux 805 filter.0.26 23 12 L filter.1.22 309L filter.2.19 filter.3.18
Avesta P5 + Flux 805 filter.0.27 23 12 2 L filter.1.23 309LMo filter.2.20 filter.3.19
BÖHLER FA-UP + BÖHLER BB 203, Marathon 213, Marathon 104 filter.0.28 25 4 filter.1.24 --- filter.2.4 filter.3.2
Avesta 2507/P100 CuW + Avesta Flux 805 filter.0.29 25 9 4 N L filter.1.25 2594 filter.2.21 filter.3.20
Thermanit 25/09 CuT + Marathon 431 filter.0.30 25 9 4 N L filter.1.25 2594 filter.2.21 filter.3.21
Thermanit 25/22 H + Marathon 104 filter.0.31 25 22 2 N L      filter.1.26 310 (mod.) filter.2.22 filter.3.22
BÖHLER AM 500-UP + Marathon 104, BÖHLER BB 203 filter.0.32 25 22 3 N L filter.1.27 filter.2.2 filter.3.2
Avesta P7 + Flux 805 filter.0.33 29 9 filter.1.28 312 filter.2.23 filter.3.2
Thermanit Nimo C 24 + Marathon 213, Marathon 504 filter.0.34 Ni 6059 (NiCr23Mo16) filter.1.29 NiCrMo-13 filter.2.24 filter.3.2
Thermanit Nicro 82 + Marathon 104, Marathon 444 filter.0.35 Ni 6082 (NiCr20Mn3Nb) filter.1.30 NiCr-3 filter.2.25 filter.3.23
Thermanit 617 + Marathon 104, Marathon 504 filter.0.36 Ni 6617 NiCr22Co12Mo9 filter.1.31 NiCrCoMo-1 filter.2.26 filter.3.2
Thermanit 625 + Marathon 104, Marathon 504, Marathon 444 filter.0.37 Ni 6625 (NiCr22Mo9Nb) filter.1.32 NiCrMo-3 filter.2.27 filter.3.24
Thermanit 686 filter.0.38 Ni 6686 (NiCr21Mo16W4) filter.1.33 NiCrMo-14 filter.2.28 filter.3.2
Thermanit Nimo C 276 + Marathon 213, Marathon 504 filter.0.39 Ni 6276 (NiCr15Mo16Fe6W4) filter.1.34 NiCrMo-4 filter.2.29 filter.3.25

MIG/MAG solid wires product portfolio

BÖHLER KW 10-IG filter.0.0 Z 13 filter.1.0 410 (mod.) filter.2.0 filter.3.0
Thermanit 14 K Si filter.0.1 Z 13 filter.1.0 410 (mod.) filter.2.0 filter.3.1
BÖHLER CAT 409 Cb-IG filter.0.2 Z 13 Nb L filter.1.1 409Nb filter.2.1 filter.3.2
BÖHLER CN 13/4-IG filter.0.3 13 4 filter.1.2 410NiMo (mod.) filter.2.2 filter.3.3
Thermanit 13/04 Si filter.0.4 13 4 filter.1.2 410NiMo (mod.) filter.2.2 filter.3.4
Thermanit 17/06 filter.0.5 Z17 6 filter.1.3 630 (mod.) filter.2.3 filter.3.2
Thermanit 17/15 TT filter.0.6 Z 17 15 Mn W filter.1.4 --- filter.2.4 filter.3.5
BÖHLER CAT 430L Cb-IG filter.0.7 Z 18 Nb L filter.1.5 430 (mod.) filter.2.5 filter.3.6
BÖHLER CAT 430L Cb Ti-IG filter.0.8 Z 18 NbTi L filter.1.6 430 (mod.) filter.2.5 filter.3.7
BÖHLER CAT 439L Ti-IG filter.0.9 Z 18 Ti L filter.1.7 439 filter.2.6 filter.3.8
BÖHLER A 7 CN-IG filter.0.10 18 8 Mn filter.1.8 307 (mod.) filter.2.7 filter.3.9
Thermanit X filter.0.11 18 8 Mn filter.1.8 307 (mod.) filter.2.7 filter.3.10
Thermanit 304 H Cu filter.0.12 Z 18 16 1 Cu H filter.1.9 308H (mod.) filter.2.8 filter.3.2
ASN 5-IG filter.0.13 Z 18 16 5 N L filter.1.10 317L (mod.) filter.2.9 filter.3.2
Thermanit 18/17 E MN filter.0.14 Z 18 16 5 N L filter.1.10 317L (mod.) filter.2.9 filter.3.2
ASN 5-IG (Si) filter.0.15 Z 18 16 5 N L filter.1.10 317L (mod.) filter.2.9 filter.3.2
Thermanit ATS 4 filter.0.16 19 9 H filter.1.11 19-10H filter.2.10 filter.3.11
Thermanit JE-308L filter.0.17 19 9 L filter.1.12 308L filter.2.11 filter.3.2
Thermanit E-308L Si filter.0.18 19 9 L Si filter.1.13 308LSi filter.2.12 filter.3.2
Thermanit H filter.0.19 19 9 Nb filter.1.14 347 filter.2.13 filter.3.2
Thermanit H Si filter.0.20 19 9 Nb Si filter.1.15 347Si filter.2.14 filter.3.12
Thermanit GE-316L filter.0.21 19 12 3 L filter.1.16 316L filter.2.15 filter.3.2
Thermanit GE-316L Si filter.0.22 19 12 3 L Si filter.1.17 316LSi filter.2.16 filter.3.13
Thermanit A filter.0.23 19 12 3 Nb filter.1.18 318 filter.2.17 filter.3.2
Thermanit A Si filter.0.24 19 12 3 Nb Si filter.1.19 318 (mod.) filter.2.18 filter.3.14
Thermanit 20/10 filter.0.25 20 10 3 filter.1.20 308Mo (mod.) filter.2.19 filter.3.15
Thermanit 19/15 filter.0.26 20 16 3 Mn N L filter.1.21 316L (mod.) filter.2.20 filter.3.16
Thermanit 20/25 Cu filter.0.27 20 25 5 Cu L filter.1.22 385 filter.2.21 filter.3.17
Thermanit 21/33 So filter.0.28 Z 21 33 Mn Nb filter.1.23 --- filter.2.4 filter.3.18
Avesta 2205 filter.0.29 22 9 3 N L filter.1.24 2209 filter.2.22 filter.3.19
Thermanit D filter.0.30 22 12 H filter.1.25 309 (mod.) filter.2.23 filter.3.20
Thermanit 20/16 SM filter.0.31 Z 22 17 8 4 N L filter.1.26 --- filter.2.4 filter.3.21
Avesta 2304 filter.0.32 23 7 N L filter.1.27 2307 filter.2.24 filter.3.22
Thermanit 25/14 E-309L filter.0.33 23 12 L filter.1.28 309L filter.2.25 filter.3.23
Thermanit 25/14 E-309L Si filter.0.34 23 12 L Si filter.1.29 309LSi filter.2.26 filter.3.24
BÖHLER FA-IG filter.0.35 25 4 filter.1.30 --- filter.2.4 filter.3.25
Thermanit L filter.0.36 25 4 filter.1.30 --- filter.2.4 filter.3.26
Avesta 2507/P100 filter.0.37 25 9 4 N L filter.1.31 2594 filter.2.27 filter.3.27
Avesta 2507/P100 CuW filter.0.38 25 9 4 N L filter.1.31 2595 filter.2.28 filter.3.28
Thermanit 310 filter.0.39 25 20 filter.1.32 310 (mod.) filter.2.29 filter.3.2
BÖHLER FFB-IG filter.0.40 25 20 Mn filter.1.33 310 (mod.) filter.2.29 filter.3.29
Thermanit C Si filter.0.41 25 20 Mn filter.1.33 310 (mod.) filter.2.29 filter.3.29
Thermanit CR filter.0.42 Z 25 20 H filter.1.34 310 (mod.) filter.2.29 filter.3.2
Thermanit 25/22 H filter.0.43 25 22 2 N L         filter.1.35 310 (mod.) filter.2.29 filter.3.2
Thermanit 25/35 R filter.0.44 Z 25 35 filter.1.36 filter.2.30 filter.3.30
Thermanit 25/35 Zr filter.0.45 Z 25 35 Zr filter.1.37 filter.2.30 filter.3.2
Thermanit 30/10 filter.0.46 29 9 filter.1.38 312 filter.2.31 filter.3.2
Thermanit 35/45 Nb filter.0.47 Ni Z (NiCr36Fe15Nb0.6) filter.1.39 --- filter.2.4 filter.3.31
Thermanit Nimo C 22 filter.0.48 Ni 6022 (NiCr21Mo13Fe4W3) filter.1.40 NiCrMo-10 filter.2.32 filter.3.2
Thermanit 690 filter.0.49 Ni 6052 (NiCr30Fe9) filter.1.41 NiCrFe-7 filter.2.33 filter.3.32
Thermanit Nimo C 24 filter.0.50 Ni 6059 (NiCr23Mo16) filter.1.42 NiCrMo-13 filter.2.34 filter.3.33
Thermanit 22 filter.0.51 Ni 6065 (NiFe30Cr21Mo3) filter.1.43 NiFeCr-1 filter.2.35 filter.3.2
Thermanit Nicro 82 filter.0.52 Ni 6082 (NiCr20Mn3Nb) filter.1.44 NiCr-3 filter.2.36 filter.3.34
Thermanit Nicro 182 filter.0.53 Ni 6182 (NiCr15Fe6Mn) filter.1.45 NiCrFe-3 filter.2.37 filter.3.2
Thermanit 617 filter.0.54 Ni 6617 NiCr22Co12Mo9 filter.1.46 NiCrCoMo-1 filter.2.38 filter.3.35
Thermanit 625 filter.0.55 Ni 6625 (NiCr22Mo9Nb) filter.1.47 NiCrMo-3 filter.2.39 filter.3.36
Thermanit 625 LNb filter.0.56 Ni 6660 (NiCr22Mo10W3) filter.1.48 NiCrMo-20 filter.2.40 filter.3.2
Thermanit 686 filter.0.57 Ni 6686 (NiCr21Mo16W4) filter.1.49 NiCrMo-14 filter.2.41 filter.3.2
Thermanit 30/40 E filter.0.58 Ni 8025 (NiFe30Cr29Mo) filter.1.50 383 (mod.) filter.2.42 filter.3.37

Success Stories

FOXcore 625-T1

Acting in a highly competitive market, Serimax is constantly working on solutions to strengthen their global offer for pipeline welding. The next step in this development was to increase the productivity by replacing manual welding processes for CRA pipes in 5G position with automated FCAW and a bug system. As existing products did not meet the requirements, a new flux-cored wire was needed.

For their objective to become the first pipeline welding company able to offer a welding solution with an automatic welding bug system and a 625 type flux-cored wire for the welding of cladded pipes in position 5G, they turned to voestalpine Böhler Welding for support.

Key Targets:

According to the requirements Serimax had communicated based on their experience and customer specifications, the following product features were crucial:

  • Good weldability in all positions
  • 5G welding with constant parameter setting
  • Good slag detachability
  • No defects (especially porosity)
  • Fulfilling mechanical properties

The team of Global R&D Joining Cored Wires developed a wire with better weldability, slag removal and resistance to pore formation than other wires on the market.

 Find here more details and customer benefits about FOXcore 625-T1:

SERIMAX - New 625 flux-cored wire in 5G position with automatic bug system


  • Good weldability in all positions
  • Same parameter settings in all positions
  • Good slag detachability


Austenitic stainless steels are the most common stainless steels. The austenitic group covers a wide range of steels with great variations in properties. Corrosion resistance is normally the most important of these.

Corrosion resistance: Austenitic stainless steels are characterized by excellent corrosion resistance. Many austenitic stainless steels have a low carbon content (< 0.030%). This makes them resistant to sensitization (i.e. predisposition to intergranular corrosion) engendered by the brief thermal exposures associated with cooling after annealing, stress relieving or welding.

Mechanical properties: Austenitic stainless steels are primarily characterized by their excellent ductility, even at low temperatures. Ferrite-free, fully austenitic stainless steels with a high nitrogen content, and austenitic stainless steels with a ferrite content up to 8 FN, have very good impact toughness and are therefore highly suitable for cryogenic applications.

Weldability: Austenitic stainless steels are generally easy to weld and do not normally require any preheating or post-weld heat treatment.  With respect to weldability, the filler metals used for welding these steels can be divided into two groups:

  • Fillers with min. 3% ferrite (e.g. types 19 9 L / 308L, 19 12 3 L / 316L and 19 9 Nb / 347)
  • Fillers with zero ferrite (e.g. austenitic type 20 25 5 Cu N / 385 and nickel-base fillers such as Ni 6625 / NiCrMo-3 and Ni 6059 / NiCrMo-13)

More details about corrosion resistance, weldability and mechanical properties of austenitic stainless steels can be found in our special Stainless Steel Welding Manual. Please contact your sales representative or contact us (contact form) for more information.

Ferritic stainless steels are, in principle, ferritic at all temperatures. They are normally alloyed with 13 – 18% chromium and low levels of the austenite formers carbon and nickel.

Corrosion resistance: Modern ferritic stainless steels (e.g. type 430) have a low carbon content. Their resistance to atmospheric corrosion, organic acids, detergents and alkaline solutions is good (comparable to that of austenitic type 304L). The resistance of ferritic stainless steels in chloride containing environments and strong acids is moderate.

Mechanical properties: Compared to the common austenitic grades, ferritic stainless steels have higher yield strength, but lower tensile strength.

Weldability: The weldability of ferritic stainless steels depends heavily on their chemical compositions. Due to the generally high (C+N)/Cr ratio, which led to martensite formation and embrittlement in the heat-affected zone (HAZ), the “old types” of steel had rather poor weldability. Modern ferritic stainless steels are entirely ferritic at all temperatures. Consequently, weldability is much improved.

More details about corrosion resistance, weldability and mechanical properties of ferritic stainless steels can be found in our special Stainless Steel Welding Manual. Please contact your sales representative or contact us (contact form) for more information.

Duplex stainless steels have a two-phase microstructure with approximately 50% austenite and 50% ferrite.

Corrosion resistance: Due to the high content of chromium, nitrogen and additions of molybdenum, duplex stainless steels are characterized by their high resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion. All modern types of duplex stainless steels are produced with low carbon content. This and the favorable microstructure, make them resistant to sensitization to intergranular corrosion.

Mechanical properties: Duplex stainless steels combine the properties of ferritic and austenitic steels. The yield strength is up to twice as high as for austenitic steels with similar pitting corrosion resistance and the ductility is higher as compared to ferritic steels.

Weldability: Although somewhat different to ordinary austenitic stainless steels such as 304L and 316L, the weldability of duplex stainless steels is generally good. Duplex stainless steels are typically alloyed with 0.10 – 0.27% nitrogen and solidify with a fully ferritic structure with austenite nucleation and growth during cooling.

More details about corrosion resistance, weldability and mechanical properties of duplex stainless steels can be found in our special Stainless Steel Welding Manual. Please contact your sales representative or contact us (contact form) for more information.