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The new reference in welding machines

Your challenge is to JOIN materials made of metal. You know how to weld constructions for bridges, machines and power plants. In your job you do not need “a” solution, YOU DESERVE the best. Our offering includes a unique portfolio of welding application services, high end welding consumables, accessories and welding machines – we are your Full Welding Solution Provider. With our equipment lines Terra & Uranos we set new standards in all standard and special welding processes. The industry-unique matching combines welding consumable, power source and accessories to provide you with reliable consistent , high performance welding. Allowing you to perform repeatable BEST in CLASS welds that you can be proud of. That’s what we stand for – with a 5-years guarantee on all Terra & Uranos welding equipment.

Full Welding Solution Provider

voestalpine Böhler Welding is taking another deliberate step towards becoming a true Full Welding Solution Provider. The perfect combination of consumables and machines offers our customers additional benefits and optimization possibilities along the entire value chain. 

Highest requirements: From product properties to customer benefits

  • Böhler Welding combines metallurgical know-how, technical competence, and a complete product range like no other supplier on the market.
  • Welding consumables and welding machines form a perfect symbiosis for all Böhler Welding customers.
  • The harmoniously coordinated interaction of consumables and machines guarantees ideal ignition characteristics and constant wire feed.
  • Optimized performance curves lead to first-class welding results.
  • Böhler Welding welding machines areMade in Europeand guarantee the highest quality products and services.
  • We stand by our quality promise with warranty coverage up to five years.
  • Our customers can depend on a trusting partnership and lasting connections.

Research and Development

Our technical expertise is a strategic value and is at the core of our identity. Our dedicated research center is committed to continuous product optimization.

  • In-house hardware and software development: All strategic products and components are completely and exclusively designed by us and developed to market maturity. Our own research and development center designs and patents all non-standardized software solutions used in Böhler Welding welding machines.
  • Advanced tools and procedures: Böhler Welding works hard to stay at the cutting edge of technology and IT for unparalleled product development.
  • Continuous improvement: Our research and development laboratories are constantly working on new solutions to improve welding processes for existing and new materials.

Full monitoring and control

Arc control: Flawless welds

Welding quality and performance are largely determined by the quality and accuracy of the arc. The better the arc is controlled and adjusted, the more precisely the welding result corresponds to the mechanical properties.

Böhler Welding never loses sight of this fact and invests a great deal of time and resources into the development of related software and hardware, resulting in unparalleled control and monitoring of the arc with very high accuracy. This creates new opportunities for our customers to optimize their own production processes.

Discover a world of welding functions

Patented arc control technology results in a variety of welding functions, making work easier and more dynamic for the welder. The ability to choose between many different welding programs allows the welder to select the best options for the task at hand.

Full digital control: Digital welding

Böhler Welding products benefit from full digital control of the weld itself as well as the entire welding workflow.

A strong, reliable technical system that offers significant advantages in terms of speed, flexibility in different applications and processes, repeatability and accuracy.

The internal communication system is based on CAN BUS and is inherently resistant to electromagnetic interference, so that data can be transmitted safely and quickly and updates and adjustments to the machines can be made quickly and easily.

Products and technologies

Böhler Welding develops and produces power sources for arc welding for steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. Our range includes machines for all major welding processes (MIG / MAG, TIG, MMA). Our own research facilities have developed highly reliable and efficient welding systems that incorporate innovative technical solutions, some of which are protected by international patents.

One technology - two strong product lines

Our patented Multiline-Three Level® inverter is the key component of Böhler power sources. This modern and technically mature inverter offers unbeatable performance and reliability over the long term. Customers value especially its advanced arc control, adaptability to different processes and applications, accuracy, and repeatability.

Böhler Welding welding machines are available in the TERRA and URANOS product lines and have the features and performance for fulfillment of any industrial welding task.

Equipment accessories

Böhler Welding offers everything you need for modern and efficient welding. Our customers have access to a complete range of welding machines for MIG/MAG, TIG and MMA processes in addition to handpicked accessories for improved user comfort and higher weld quality.

  • Für alle Anwendungen: Böhler Welding bietet Lösungen für jede Herausforderung. Egal ob in der metallverarbeitenden Industrie, im Schiffbau oder der Automobilindustrie, Drahtvorschubgeräte der Marke Böhler Welding sind für alle Schweißaufgaben hochtechnischer Industrien gewappnet.
  • Stärke und Produktsicherheit: Wir bieten widerstandsfähige Materialien für Isolierdrahtspulen von hoher Qualität und Langlebigkeit sowie Schutz vor äußeren Einflüssen wie Staub und Erschütterungen.
  • Komplettes Sortiment an Rollen und Rädern: Es besteht die Möglichkeit, die Einheit anzupassen, indem die Antriebsrollen erhöht und mit Rädern für die Vorschubeinheit ausgestattet werden.
  • Sie haben es in der Hand: Komplette Serie, die alle Anwendungsanforderungen von der einfachen Stromeinstellung bis zur vollständigen Fernregelung des Gerätes erfüllt.
  • Ergonomisch und robust: Fasermaterialien mit hoher Beständigkeit und Schutzart IP54.
  • Sichere Datenübermittlung: Digitale Datenübertragung mit CAN BUS-Protokoll.
  • Stark und beschützend: Gehäuse von hoher Qualität und Beständigkeit mit der Sicherheitsbewertung IP23S.
  • Leise und sicher: Die Geräte sind mit einer geräuscharmen Kreiselpumpe ausgestattet und enthalten zudem eine Kühlflüssigkeitskreislaufsteuerung sowie ein LED Display, welches die Temperatur der Flüssigkeit anzeigt.
  • Der passende Wagen für jeden Bedarf: Böhler Welding bietet ein komplettes Programm verschiedener Wägen für jede Transportanforderung.
  • Effizientes Design: Entwickelt, um dem Schweißer seine Arbeit zu erleichtern, unter anderem durch Gasflaschenhalter, Werkzeugablagen und vieles mehr.

Böhler Welding Warranty

We stand by our promise of quality

Böhler Welding machines are covered by a five-year warranty (requires registration), giving customers the peace of mind of knowing that they have purchased a high-quality power source.

Trouble-free welding

Robust, reliable design and regular maintenance - guarantees a long product life cycle.

You need a five-year warranty for your machine? No problem. Simply fill out the warranty form and we will send you a warranty confirmation.

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