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The TERRA 400 MSE is the perfect welding power source for simple, reliable and modern wire fed welding. It is particularly suited to the continuous processes and high welding volumes typical of light and heavy metal fabrication, shipbuilding, plant construction and mechanical workshops in general.


  • Three-phase supply 3x400V
  • Wide option of wire feeder models
  • 2 proprietary welding processes by Böhler Welding
  • Welding programs (optional)
  • 400A@50% (40 °C)
  • 22.5 Kg
  • General
    Welding processs MIG/MAG - MMA
    Materials Carbon steels - Stainless Steels - Aluminum - Copper
    Dimensions 620x240x460mm
    Weight  22.5 kg
    Power supply 
    Voltage (50/60 Hz) 3x400V±15%
    Maximum input power 22.0 kVA
    Maximum input current 31.5 A
    Efficiency 89%
    Slow blow line fuse 30 A
    Open circuit voltage 61Vdc
    IP protection rate  IP23S
    Insulation class H
    Power supply cable 4x4mm2 - 5 m
    Adjustment range 3-400A
    Duty cycle
    MIG/MAG - 40 °C
    50% - 400A
    60% - 360A
    100% - 340A
    Duty cycle
    MIG/MAG - 25 °C
    80% - 400A
    100% - 360A
    Ø Wire diameter 1.0 -1.2 mm (opz .0.6-1.6)
    Ø Fluxcoredwire 1.2 -2.4 mm
    Ø Aluminumwire 0.8 -1.6 mm
    Wire speed 0.5 - 22.0 m/min
    N° rolls  2 (4 opz)
    Wire spool diameter Ø 200/300mm
    Remote Control compatible yes
    Synergic program 18 (WF SMART) - 40 (WF Exclusive)
    Welding program memory location 64 (WF Exclusive)
    U/D MIG/MAG torch compatible yes (WF Exclusive)
    PUSH PULL torch compatible yes
    • Light job shop fabrication
    • Medium-heavy job shop fabrication
    • Heavy job shop fabrication
    • Building sites
    • Shipyards
    • Plants machinery construction
    • Oil refinery plants construction
    • Machine and apparatus construction
    • Automobile industry
    • Railway industry
    • Military industry
    • Repair and overhaul
    • Vehicle bodywork repair
    • Building
    • Installers
    • Stand construction workers
    • Door and window fi tters
    • Blacksmiths
    • Workshops
    • Sheet metal working
    • Advanced inverter technology power source for superior arc performance
    • High power at 100% of duty cycle
    • Heavy duty and enviromental conditions, high service life
    • CAN fieldbus digital communication protocol system (very high speed and high reliability digital communication)
    • Software based controls can be upgraded as new features become available (WF RAPIDEEP STEEL)
    • High temperature, shockproof, abrasion resistant plastic case
    • Air flow ducting and fully encapsulated PC board to avoid dust contamination
    • Linear controlled fan on demand
    • Wire feeder unit (2/4 rolls drive)
    • Wire drive unit fully designed by voestalpine Böhler Welding
    • Full parameters control panel on wire feeder unit
    • Ø 200/300 mm wire spool compatible
    • Wheels kit option compatible
    • Full digital and user-friendly control panel
    • Welding parameters digital display
    • Last job settings auto-storage at switch-off
    • User-defined welding program storage capability (64 free memory locations) (WF RAPIDEEP STEEL)
    • Lock-unlock function key protected by password
    • Ideal for stick welding with multiple types of popular electrodes
    • Built-in adjustable arc control features (hot start, arc force, antisticking)
    • Synergic setting for optimal stick welding with multiple types of electrodes (WF RAPIDEEP STEEL)
    • 2/4 step operating mode
    • Arc dynamic adjustment
    • Perfect arc ignition (soft start - motor slope)
    • Burn-back and droplet detachment correction
    • Crater filler operating model (WF RAPIDEEP STEEL)
    • Synergic operations from databank (18 pre-set programs) (Terra 400/500 MSE - WF SMART)
    • Synergic operations from databank (40 pre-set programs) (Terra 400/500 MSE - WF RAPIDEEP STEEL)
    • Wire speed (0,5-22,0 m/min) (WF CLASSIC)
    • Wire speed (0,5-22,0 m/min), amperage and piece thickness adjustment (WF SMART - WF RAPIDEEP STEEL)
    • Spot welding mode
    • Intermittent welding mode
    • Bilevel MIG/MAG torch compatible (WF RAPIDEEP STEEL)
    • Euro adaptator - U/D MIG/MAG torch compatible (WF RAPIDEEP STEEL)
    • Push-pull torch device
    • Remote control compatible
    • WU cooling unit compatible
    • Controlled cooling operations