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Böhler Welding aluminium filler material range

9. août 2017

Filler metal specialist Böhler Welding has issued a brochure on its range of wires and rods for the GMAW / MIG and GTAW / TIG welding of aluminium, covering all major grades.

The materials listed in the new brochure are premium quality filler materials resulting from the selection of high purity raw materials with narrow tolerances on chemical composition and state-of-the art wire production technology. They feature the following characteristics and user benefits:

Product characteristics

User benefits

Use of high purity raw material

  • Reduced risk of weld porosity
  • X-ray quality welds

Tightly controlled wire chemistry

  • Welds with matching chemical composition and mechanical values

Surface shaving, cleaning and coating technology

  • Reduced risk of weld porosity
  • X-ray quality welds
  • No flaking – stable feeding
  • Nice weld appearance

Tightly controlled wire diameter and cast & helix

  • Good feeding properties
  • Straight welds

GTAW/ TIG rods marked 2 x on one side with the AA number and the aluminium alloy designation

  • Easy identification of filler metal

GMAW / MIG wires are available on BS300 basket spools, but also in drums with a filling content of 80 or 140 kg to avoid downtime with high duty cycle welding stations. Smart drum accessories are available for easy transport and installation of the drums and to guarantee problem-free wire pay-off from the drums and for dependable feeding over long distances – even with the ER 5XXX classification series of aluminium wire types.