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Stick electrodes for nickel and nickel alloys

7. nov 2017

Böhler Welding stick electrodes.
The best for the best.

You have high demands and are looking for a particular electrode for a special project? At Böhler Welding you will find the right product for every application.

Have a look at the most commonly used stick electrodes for nickel here: 



Characteristics and typical fields of application


Thermanit Nicro 82

Stainless, heat resistant, high temperature resistant. Good toughness at subzero temperatures as low as –269 °C (–452 °F). Well suited for welding austenitic ferritic joints. No Cr-carbide zones that become brittle in the ferrite weld deposit transition zone, not even as a result of heat treatments above 300 °C (572 °F). Well suited for tough joints and surfacing on heat resistant Cr and CrNi steels and Ni-alloys. Temperature limits: 550 °C (122 °F) in sulphureous atmospheres, 900 °C max (1652 °F) for fully stressed welds. Resistant to scaling up to 1000 °C (1832 °F).


Thermanit 625

High resistance to corrosive environments. Resistant to stress corrosion cracking. Resistant to scaling up to 1000 °C (1832 °F). Temperature limit: 500 °C (932 °F) max. in sulphureous atmospheres. High temperature resistant up to 900 °C (1652 °F). Good toughness at subzero temperatures as low as –196 °C (–321 °F). For joining and surfacing work with matching / similar corrosion resistant materials as well as on matching and similar heat resistant, high temperature steels and alloys. For joining and surfacing work with cryogenic austenitic CrNi(N) steels / cast steel grades and on cryogenic Ni steels suitable for quenching and tempering.


Thermanit 617

Thermanit 617 is suitable for joining high-temperature and similar nickel-base alloys, heat resistant austenitic and cast alloys. The weld metal is resistant to hot-cracking and is used for service temperatures up to 1100° C. Scale-resistance up to 1100° C in oxidizing and carburized atmospheres, e. g. gasturbines, ethylene production plants. Thermanit 617 can be welded in all positions except vertical-down. It has a stable arc. The seam is finely rippled and notch-free. Easy slag removal. Preheating temperature should be adjusted to the base material. Post weld heat treatments can be applied independently of the weld metal.



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