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Seamless cored wires: Convincing Advantages

7. fév 2017

Seamless cored wires for optimal protection against hydrogen induced cracking
Within the field of flux-cored arc welding, the seamless design offers optimal protection against moisture reabsorption and thereby against hydrogen induced cracking / hydrogen assisted cracking (HIC, HAC, cold cracking).


Seamless cored wires for superior welding productivity
Seamless cored wires carry all general productivity advantages brought along by the cored wire product design, when compared with solid wires. On top of this basic productivity advantage, they offer a powerful option to very precisely influence welding characteristics by adding specific ingredients to the core.


Seamless cored wires for excellent weldability and weld quality
Ingredients in the core also make sure that seamless cored wires have optimized weldability. Low spatter is one aspect, tie-in (wetting) is usually smoother and weld penetration rounder and deeper.


Seamless cored wires for problem-free feeding
Whether you are using 16 kg basket spools or 250 kg Drums, whether you weld manually close to the power source or robotic with long liners – problem-free wire feeding is what you will get. The seamless, copper-coated wire design adds sufficient stiffness and glide to overcome friction in liners, welding guns and contact tips.

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A design that offers a lot of advantages. Watch video now!