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Your Safety is our Priority

2021-12-09 | 

More than 50,000 welders have been protecting themselves with welding helmets and PAPR systems from Böhler Welding since the product launch in 2017.

In addition, Böhler Welding has also brought protective eyewear, welding gloves and accessories - such as electrode holders, earth clamps, chipping hammers and welding sprays to the market under our category “Personal Protective Equipment and Accessories”.

In a short interview, our Sales Manager Anja Saldigk will answer a few questions about the category PPE & Accessories, the products and the future plans:

What makes our products so special?


Welding Helmets

Our Böhler Guardian welding helmets and Respiratory-Systems have been developed for a variety of welding and grinding applications.

The expectations of a welder in terms of quality, comfort and durability were the focus of our product development. At 480 grams, our bestseller, the Guardian62, is one of the lightest helmets of its kind. In addition, it is characterized by what is known as "true color technology".

This means that the darkening glass is blue and not green, like the usual welding helmets. The blue glass ensures an optimal view and is less stressful for the eyes.


Powered Air Purifying Respiratory System

Our Böhler Air is a Powered Air Purifying Respiratory System, or PAPR system, which provides the welder with the best possible protection against particles and gases that can arise during welding and grinding.

It supplies the welder with a constant flow of air. Böhler Air is certified according to EN 12941 and meets the highest possible protection class TH3.

Occupational health and safety laws are becoming ever stricter; welding fumes are a very serious issue that we have taken as an opportunity to offer a system for maximum protection of the welder with certifications according to the highest possible standard.


Welding Gloves


With the welding gloves for TIG and MIG/MAG processes introduced last year, we placed great emphasis on the selection of high-quality cow and goat leather from Europe as well as on controlled, environmentally friendly production processes.

Materials and products used in and for our gloves comply with the REACH regulation.

What are the future plans?

In the next 2 years we will add a lot more products and we are looking forward to great items like welding blankets, balaclavas and grinding visors.

There will also be a new generation of gloves, helmets and fresh air systems.

Where can I get these products?

All of our products can be obtained directly from retailers.

You can find a reliable trading partner in your area using our distributor search.

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