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JOIN! the Full Welding Solutions! for Metal Fabrication

2021-10-14 | 

Save up to 20% of your set-up time with our Full Welding Solution for metal fabrication.

Save 20% SetUp Time


This Full Welding Solution offers a new approach to metal fabrication where time matters.

In the end this Solution saves up to 20 % of Set-up time as we offer the perfect one stop-solution: our new collaborative welding robot CO-BRO®, our own equipment, our perfectly matching welding consumables for different alloy grades, the Böhler Arc, our personal protection equipment, application services and weld calculation tool.

With the Full Welding Solutions we have launched the next era in welding. Where it is not enough to offer a few products, but where the customer gets the support he needs – for metal fabrication from the new CO-BRO® System and consumables, to personal protection and accessories, to application services and guidance.


  • Plug And Play Solution With Our Co-Bro®
  • Easy Use Of Control Panel
  • MIG - MAG And TIG AC/DC Packages
  • Matching Welding Consumables For Any Low - Medium To High Strength, Stainless Or Aluminium Application
  • Böhler Arc: Perfect Combination Of Filler Metal, Welding Process And Equipment

Find all the details about our Full Welding Solution for METAL FABRICATION