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For absolute safety and health: voestalpine Böhler Welding offers high-quality personal protective equipment for welders.

2022-10-15 | 

Bright arcs, flying sparks and hot weld beads - this is what you are confronted with every day in welding technology. Apart from that, it is necessary to protect yourself against hazards that are invisible. Therefore, there should be absolutely no compromises when it comes to personal protective equipment: voestalpine Böhler Welding offers a wide range of high-quality products in this respect.

1. What makes the topic "personal protective equipment" particulary relevant right now?

Health and safety in welding are of utmost importance. There is also new knowledge about the danger posed by welding fumes, which we are responding to with our protective equipment. It is also important that we at Böhler Welding comply with all new global certifications and standards.

Mark Homan, Vice President Global Business Development PPE & Accessories

Personal protection is always relevant. Driven by regulations, awareness of hazards is becoming more present and the demand for personal protective equipment and further development in this area is increasing.

Thomas Bauer, Product Manager for Personal Protective Equipment & Accessories

2. Are there welding applications or situations where personal protection is particulary important?

Personal protection is always important: at every moment, from the second you enter a work environment to the second you leave it. Potential dangers lurk everywhere, and that is why personal protection is a must.

Thomas Bauer

3. How has voestalpine Böhler Welding prepared for new product generations in terms of protective equipment?

I got into this business two years ago after 38 years of experience in the welding industry and the last twenty years dealing specifically with welding PPE. This was a start to preparing for change. With our new and extensive plans for new generations of products, we will be in a very strong position in the coming years.

Mark Homan

We are in a permanent exchange with our customers to learn about the welders’ needs and are very thankful for any kind of feedback. Especially the really critical feedback is highly appreciated. We can only learn from our clients and from our mistakes to become even better in our daily work and in what we are going to develop for the future. We also try to combine new technical features with fashion aspects. Luckily, our brand color is dark blue, which is in fact the only color that suits everyone, and which is also most people’s favorite color.

Anja Saldigk, Sales Manager PPE & Accessories Europe

4. What challanges do you face in the area of personal protection?

Our biggest challenge is to offer value for money. Product design and fashion have also become more important in welding PPE, so we have to make sure that we offer exactly those products that meet the explicit needs of welders.

Mark Homan

It's about moving from a classic, sometimes bulky look to a modern and fashionable design and keeping the weight of the product low, which offers the best flexibility and protection.

Thomas Bauer

5. What is voestalpine Böhler Welding's goal in the area of personal protection?

In order to offer a comprehensive global range of PPE, we will ensure that we are at the forefront of new technologies and product design.

Mark Homan

To provide every welder with the best possible level of protection to keep them safe and healthy during welding operations.

Thomas Bauer

6. How do you think the topic of personal protection will develop in the future?

"New technologies and materials will open many new doors for personal protective equipment that, at first glance, no longer only serve to protect the welder's health and safety, but also support the welder's work."

Thomas Bauer

New technologies and materials will open many new doors for personal protective equipment that, at first glance, no longer only serve to protect the welder's health and safety, but also support the welder's work.

Thomas Bauer

Discover our high-quality personal protective equipment.

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