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URANOS 2000 SMC in the French Alpes

Success Story | Sainte-Hélène-du-Lac, France

Böhler Welding Machine URANOS 2000 SMC

“There is no such thing as bad welding conditions, only bad equipment.” Therefore welding expert Alpes Soudage has always relied on the welding consumables of Böhler Welding. And with the new Böhler Welding equipment they can also count on the perfect synergies between consumables and welding machines. URANOS 2000 SMC has now undergone an especially difficult challenge and proven it’s quality: lightweight, convenient, precise. The perfect welding machine for this extraordinary job.

Alpes Soudage is the Welding expert in Sainte-Hélène-du-Lac near Chambéry. While large companies in France and abroad realize their projects, they rely on Alpes Soudage for their expertise in terms of the complete welding process, their knowledge of different welding methods and international standards. Alpes Soudage offers tailor-made solutions, training and quality assurance services for every step of a welding project.

For a customer project of welding an avalanche control system directly in the mountains of the French Alpes, Alpes Soudage trained the welder and provided help for this application as well as the perfect welding machine for this job. They recommended the Böhler Welding Uranos 2000 SMC as the lightness and the arc quality allowed the welder to accomplish this job in height and outside, connected on generating sets with 150m extension cord without inconvenience.

Other than the Uranos 2000 SMC, Alpes Soudage also has the Uranos 2200 AC/DC and Uranos 3200 PME from Böhler Welding in use – together with all available welding consumables of the company.


  • Particularly efficient MIG/MAG standard process for extremely precise welds.
  • Enables very homogeneous and clean metallurgical properties.
  • Very stable and perfectly controllable electric arc.
  • High welding speed and melting capacity.
  • Saving up to 35% energy compared to conventional welding equipment.
  • Time and cost saving.

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