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Böhler Welding issues stainless steel cored wire catalogue

13. 六月 2017

Filler metal specialist Böhler Welding has issued a new catalogue with the title “Stainless steel and nickel-base cored wires for lasting connections”.

The vast range of products presented in this handbook style catalogue covers a great variety of ferritic, austenitic, duplex and soft-martensitic stainless steels, including grades for high temperature applications, for car exhaust systems and for hydro turbines. The nickel-base range features products for most commonly applied alloys such as Alloy 600, 600L, 625, 800 and 800H.

The catalogue features a division in all-positional cored wires and types for downhand use, with the objective to provide the best productivity options for end users. In-depth information on stainless steel cored wires and their potential to increase welding productivity is given in the remainder of the catalogue, along with advice on joint types, welding parameters for all positions and recommendations for safe storage and handling.