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diamondspark pipeline seamless cored wires

18. 六月 2019

Our diamondspark seamless cored wires for pipeline applications are reliable with consistent high quality performances. The range, including seamless FCAW and MCAW wires, offers a unique and trustable solution in terms of arc stability and lower defects rate.

Precise alloy and slag concept ensure excellent welding performance and mechanical properties. Produced in Europe, they are fulfilling both EN ISO and AWS codes chasing the most stringent requirements for pipeline jobs.

Selected diamondspark pipeline cored wires can be used in sour gas applications (HIC tested acc. to NACE TM-0284).


See below the various features and user benefits from our seamless cored wires:


  • Seamless design
  • Copper coated seamless cored wire
  • Dependable feedability
  • Dependable arc ignition
  • Wide parameter box
  • Low amount of silicates
  • Easy slag removal
  • High weld metal recovery

User benefits

  • Low risk of HAC
  • Excellent current transfer
  • Less contact tip wear
  • Increase arc time
  • No wire breaks
  • No starting defects
  • Easy setting
  • Low defect rate
  • Low and easy inter-run-cleaning
  • Productive welding


For more information about our seamless cored wires visit our diamondspark website!