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Stick electrodes for stainless steel

25. 七月 2017

Böhler Welding stick electrodes.
The best for the best.

Are you looking for a specific electrode for a special project? At Böhler Welding you will find the right product for each of your applications and achieve lasting results.

A few of the most commonly used stick electrodes for stainless steels are listed here. 



Characteristics and typical fields of application

BÖHLER FOX CN 13/4        

Basic covered electrode, low-hydrogen, suited for similar soft martensitic and martensitic-ferritic rolled, forged, and cast steels. Mainly used in the construction of hydro turbines, compressors. Resistant to corrosion from water, steam, and sea water atmosphere. Thanks to an optimum balance of alloying components the weld deposit yields very good ductility and toughness & cracking resistance despite of its high strength. Excellent operating characteristics, easy slag removal smooth bead appearance and low hydrogen weld metal (HD ≤ 5 ml/100 g). Metal recovery approx. 130 %. Positional weld ability is offered up to ø 3.2 mm electrodes. 


Rutile basic coated electrode, for joint welding of dissimilar joints, problem steels, also for repair and maintenance. Very popular electrode for numerous applications. The weld metal offers exceptionally high ductility and elongation together with outstanding crack resistance. There is no fear of embrittlement when operating down to service temperatures of –100 °C or above 500 °C. The scaling resistance goes up to 850 °C. When working at service temperatures above 650 °C please our application department. The weld metal can be post weld heat treated without any problems. The deposit will work harden and offers good resistance against cavitation. Ductility is good even after high dilution when welding problem steels or when subjected to thermal shock or scaling. An excellent alloy providing cost effective performance. BÖHLER FOX A 7-A is suitable for both AC and DC. Ferrite acc. To WRC 92: 4 – 8 FN


Rutile coated core wire alloyed stainless steel electrode. Suitable in all industries using similar or high carbon steels or ferritic 13% Cr-steels. Easy handling, good welding characteristics, suitable for welding on AC or DC. Other characteristics include high current carrying capacity, minimum spatter formation, self-releasing slag, smooth and clean weld profile, safety against formation of porosity due to moisture resistant coating and packaging into hermetically sealed tins. Resistant to intergranular corrosion up to +350 °C.

Avesta 308L/MVR  

Avesta 308L/MVR is a Cr-Ni electrode for all position welding of 1.4301/ASTM 304 type stainless steels. Corrosion resistance: Very good under fairly severe conditions, e.g. in oxidising acids and cold or dilute reducing acids.


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