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Stick electrodes for cast iron

22. 十一月 2017

UTP Maintenance stick electrodes.
Stick with the specialist.

We supply any type of stick electrodes you may need and our electrodes are always easy to handle, with fine arc ignition and stability. 

Much used electrodes for cast iron are the following: 


Characteristics and typical fields of application



UTP 8 is for cold welding of grey and malleable cast iron, cast steel and for joining these base metals to steel, copper and copper alloys, especially for repair and maintenance. UTP 8 has excellent welding properties. The easily controllable flow permits spatterfree welding in all positions and with minimal amperage. The weld deposit and the transition zones are filable. No undercutting. Ideally suited for the combined welding with the ferro-nickel type UTP 86 FN (buttering with UTP 8 and filling with UTP 86 FN).



UTP 83 FN is suitable for surfacing and joining of all commercial cast iron grades, such as lamellar grey cast iron and nodular cast iron, malleable cast iron and for joining these materials to steel or cast steel. This stick electrode is particularly used where a high deposition rate is needed. UTP 83 FN has an excellent melting performance and the easily controllable transfer provides a spatterfree deposit of perfect appearance. The weld deposit is easily machinable with cutting tools, tough and crack-resistant. Hardness of the pure weld metal: approx. 190 HB



UTP 86 FN is suitable for joining and surfacing of lamellar grey cast iron EN GJL 100 - EN GJL 400, nodular cast iron (spheroidal cast iron) EN GJS 400 - EN GJS 700 and malleable cast iron grades EN GJMB 350 - EN GJMB 650 as well as for joining these materials with each other or with steel and cast steel. Universally applicable for repair, construction and production welding. UTP 86 FN has excellent buttering characteristics on cast iron. The stick electrode has a stable arc and produces a flat seam structure without undercutting. Particularly for fillet welds an optimal seam structure is achieved (e.g. welding GJS-flanges or sockets to GJS-tubes). Due to the bimetallic core wire, the current carrying capacity and the deposition rate are excellent. The bead appearance is smooth. The weld deposit is highly crack resistant and easily machinable with cutting tools.



UTP GNX-HD is suited for fabrication and repair welds, as well as for surfacings on all types of cast-iron, esp. cast-iron with nodular graphite GGG 40 to GGG 70, grey cast-iron GG18 to GG 25, and for dissimilar joints with steels. Good wetting behaviour, even on old or poorly weldable castiron. UTP GNX-HD shows excellent welding properties, a stable and spatter-free arc, a smooth flow behaviour and a high efficiency rate. Thanks to the bi-metal core wire, a high current carrying capacity is ensured.




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