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Seamless cored wires: Have you ever heard about them?

17. 一月 2017

They are flux cored wires with a seamless mantle. For the simple reason that there is no butt- or overlap closed seam running over the wire length, moisture cannot penetrate into the filling, during storage and use of the wires. Böhler seamless cored wires are produced with very low levels of diffusible hydrogen – typically 2-3 ml/100g weld metal for rutile types and even lower for metal-cored and basic wires. For all types, the initial hydrogen level is guaranteed to be in AWS hydrogen class H4. And they maintain this property until the moment of welding, regardless duration of storage and time of exposure at the work site.

With Böhler seamless cored wires, you will always enjoy the best protection you can possibly get in flux-cored arc welding.

Easy and secure. A design that offers a lot of advantages. Watch video now!


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