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Open House Flashback: JOIN! the evolution.

23. 七月 2019

Successful launch of welding machines Terra & Uranos by Böhler Welding at Open House

As part of an emotional launch show during our 3-day Open House event in Hamm, Germany, we proudly presented our new equipment lines Terra & Uranos. The show was attended by nearly 800 guests and therefore was an absolute success. Highlights from the emotional launch show included our brand new image video of our equipment lines as well as the unveiling of our Terra & Uranos welding machines which were exhibited at the launch show.

In relation to the equipment launch Otto Schuster (Senior Vice President - SBU Equipment) stated: "It was a perfect ambience to lauch our equipment lines. The great interest of both the customers and colleagues has motivated all the people involved in the project. A clear commitment for further development to a Full Welding Solution Provider."


Why we used a story from space and earth? 

Welding combines archaic myths and high tech. Just like the dream to fly or to discover distant planets. And now we're entering a new dimension that connects Terra with Uranos conditions, a planet carrying gases, fluids, and metals inside, just like the welding arc.

With the equipment lines Terra & Uranos, we set new level of excellence in all standard and special welding processes. We want to provide our customers with the best welding solutions available in our industry.

Why TERRA welding machines are indispensable?

TERRA welding machines are perfectly matched to the needs of general welding. Easy setting, robustness, reliability and programs specially developed by experts guarantee the best welding properties.

TERRA welding machines offer a complete welding package without all the complexity but still a premium arc characteristic is included.

For more information visit our TERRA site

Why URANOS welding machines are the new reference for demanding applications?

Uranos is the ultimate choice for an energy-efficient high-tech inverter and a universal genius. Its welding programs are individually adapted to our filler materials.

The true multiprocess inverter - including TIG HF ignition - is unique in its class. The application areas include both high-quality TIG welding and MIG/MAG applications in standard and pulsed arc as well as special welding processes. In short, that's why URANOS is the best choice wherever high-quality and precise welding jobs need to be done.

For more information visit our URANOS site.