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Matchless in Stainless: Avesta 300-Series

18. 九月 2018

The new stainless steel flux-cored wires for flat and horizontal welding offers excellent welding performance and surface appearance:

  • Avesta FCW-2D 308L/MVR
  • Avesta FCW-2D 316L/SKR
  • Avesta FCW-2D 309L


Böhler Welding offersstable, reliable and consistent high-quality cored wires. Produced in Europe, they are fulfilling both EN ISO and AWS codes chasing the most stringent requirements. The new Avesta 300-Series offer many advantages:

  • Easy to handle with fantastic parameter range
  • Excellent welding performance and very low spatter formation
  • Wide arc ensures good wetting with even penetration and uniform side-wall fusion
  • Smooth weld profiles with finely rippled surface pattern
  • Shiny weld metal surface; also when welding with 100% CO2
  • Self-releasing slag makes post-weld cleaning easier
  • Low temper discoloration shortens the time needed for pickling
  • High deposition rates result in high productivity
  • Productive welding of on ceramic backing material 
  • Increased travel speed to finish the job faster
  • Enables considerable savings in time and money


Find more details about the new series in the product factsheet: LINK to Factsheet