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Let's Braze Together! Brazing basics, materials, solders, fluxes

30. 五月 2017

Fontargen Brazing - In-Depth Know-How.

Explore our new booklet: Brazing what and how – a concise overview for you!

This booklet has two purposes. First, it offers brazing newcomers insight into the world of brazing and its terms. Second, it is a small, compact reference guide for brazing experts, letting them quickly see which brazing solders and fluxes are best to use with which metallic materials.

Brazing experts around the world see red – and they’ve been turning to that colour for more than 50 years. A fact that pleases us since red is the colour of our product brand Fontargen Brazing. At the end of this booklet, we give you a brief introduction to us and our company voestalpine Böhler Welding. We wish you much success with this brazing booklet.


This content awaits you: 

  • Basics and terms
  • The right application
  • What do I braze with what?
  • Who we are


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