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FOXcore 625-T1. The next generation flux-cored wire.

11. 六月 2019

FOXcore 625-T1 is a nickel-based flux-cored wire for high-productivity welding of nickel-base alloys and austenitic stain­less steels with high molybdenum content.

With outstanding mechanical properties and low temperature ductility, this wire is also highly suitable for 9Ni-steels for cryogenic applications with a design temperature of –196°C.

The slag concept is optimized to allow X-ray safe welding in all positions, including pipes and tubes in fixed position. This makes it possible to replace manual welding with stick electrodes and TIG as well as solid wire in mechanized processes and robotic welding.

Welding on ceramic backing material further increases productivity and allows single-sided welding.


FOXcore 625-T1 at a glance:


  •  Excellent weldability
  •  Good slag removal
  •  High resistance to pore formation
  • Reduced time and cost for post-weld cleaning


  • LNG
  • Pipeline
  • Chemical processing
  • Shipbuilding
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals


  • TÜV (11223)
  • DNV GL