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Böhler Welding Diamondspark: BÖHLER Ti 46 T-FD

16. 十月 2018

Böhler Welding Diamondspark - Discover the ultimate range of seamless cored wires: BÖHLER Ti 46 T-FD

You have the most demanding applications in your industry? We have the right cored wire:

BÖHLER Ti 46 T-FD is a rutile flux-cored wire designed for joint welding of unalloyed and fine-grained steels with ISO –V charpy requirements down to -30°C. It is a new seamless tubular copper-coated FCW developed to meet the needs of modern shipyards requirements and daily constructions challenges.


Customer benefits

  • No redrying necessary
  • Productive positional welding
  • Easy welding in overhead position 
  • Faster weld execution
  • No wire breaks


Product benefits

  • Highest welding performance in welding travel speed in particular in PF position
  • Trustable performance with long welding cable
  • Regular spray arc at lower amperage
  • More spary welding time
  • No moisture pickup during storage


Product features

  • Seamless design
  • Stable arc
  • Wide parameter window
  • Designed chemistry
  • Excellent feedability


BÖHLER Ti 46 T-FD is at disposal to all the end users who are looking for the welding performance of folded wires but with the highest quality performance of seamless wires.



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