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Stick electrodes: How to select them?

28. Dez 2017

Böhler Welding stick electrodes. The best for the best.

The selection of the stick electrodes depends primarily on the base material and the basic application to be welded.

  • In the case of demanding welding work on non-alloyed steels, basic coated stick electrodes such as our FOX EV 50 are preferred.
  • Stick electrodes are still preferred for welding pipelines in challenging terrain, because the required welding equipment is easy to transport. For economical pipeline welding, cellulosic coated electrodes such as our FOX CEL are used often.
  • Heat-resistant components in power plants are often welded with stick electrodes. The stick electrode allows secure welds, while creep data over very long periods (life cycle of boilers) and the necessary welding procedure qualifications are often only available for stick electrodes. Also, stick electrodes are easier to use in joints with limited access.
  • High alloyed steels are mostly welded with similar alloyed welding consumables, thus for the most common steels especially developed stick electrodes are available.
  • Duplex or super duplex stainless steel fulfills specific properties which, of course, must also be met by the weld. Therefore, stick electrodes with matching weld metal composition must be selected.

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