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Open House Flashback: Solvator 2019. JOIN! Global Applications Unlimited

31. Jul 2019

Honor of the best application solutions at Open House

With the outstanding expertise of our application engineers, we set well recognized high standards throughout the industry. The Solvator award, a special award for remarkable application solutions, honors those who develop outstanding application solutions together with and for our customers.

The 2019 winners were selected by a jury of internal and external experts from 2 technical universities in 3 categories below.


In the category “best technical solution”:


Joe Zawodny, USA, “NASA Liquid Hydrogen Pressure Vessel”  for Didion’s Mechanical


Michael Staber, Austria, „Plasma Hybrid Welding Solution“ for Teleskop Poland


Sandeep Mittal, India, „Rectification of Cracks in Penstock in NEEPCO KAMENG HEP project” for Aquagreen Engineering Management


Alexandre Otsuka, Brazil, “BÖHLER Ti 52 SR FD-B” for Voith Hydro

In the category “most efficient solution”:


 Michael Fiedler, Austria, “Penstock Gouvaes” for Andritz Hydro GmbH


David Lecointre, France, “625 Flux-Cored Wire for Pipeline Welding in 5G Position with Automatic Bug System” for SERIMAX


Marcelo Facundo Severo, Brazil, “The Best Procedure for Repairing of Hammers in the Sugar Industry” for Using Sao Luiz S/A

In the category “most environmentally friendly solution”:


Frederic Gley (Michael Ebbinghaus), Germany, “Boric Acid Free Coated Rods”  for Liebherr

A special award was given to Steven Qu, China who supported Voith Hydro Power Equipment with his solution for Penstock Welding for Wudongde Hydro Power Station.

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