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Discover the ultimate range of seamless cored wires

You have the most demanding applications in your industry? We have the right cored wires - no matter what challenges you have to face. We offer the broadest range of highest quality wires manufactured in Europe – from seamless tubular to the brand new laser sealed types - now united under one roof: Diamondspark - premium seamless cored wires. Fabricated for a new area in high duty cycle welding in mechanized and robotic applications.

Maximize your productivity and benefit from the expertise of the leading supplier for seamless cored wires. Our technical consultancy service will demonstrate the outstanding performance on site or in one of our technology application centers.

Make your call today and experience yourself the future of seamless cored wires.

Premium Seamless Cored Wires

Diamondspark by Böhler Welding covers a full range of seamless cored wires to match the needs of demanding applications. Established in the market with a vast range of individual types are Böhler Welding tubular seamless cored wires (Diamondspark T-Line), which are manufactured by filling a tube with flux ingredients and drawing it to end diameter. Completely new are Böhler Welding types using a laser beam (Diamondspark L-Line) and drawing it to end diameter. Both fabrication routes allow subsequent copper-coating to give the cored wires optimal feeding characteristics and current transfer. 

Diamondspark L-Line

Your precision tool for most demanding manufacturing

The Diamondspark L-line – your precision tool for most demanding manufacturing complements our range of seamless cored wires. They enable you to optimize your welding application and ensure highest productivity. Diamondspark laser-sealed seamless cored wires are today’s best available choice

  • for welding applications with most stringent requirements for productivity, safety and weld quality
  • such as in robotic serial manufacturing and mechanized welding
  • of high integrity components in demanding industries
  • perfect for high and ultra-high strength steel welding
  • and for hydrogen critical applications

Diamondspark T-Line

Your choice for productive and dependable flux-cored arc welding

The Diamondspark T Line represents a vast range of tubular copper-coated, seamless cored wires with a worldwide proven track record. They are multi-purpose wires which are tested and classified according to EN and AWS standards and approved by major approval societies, covering normal strength, high strength, low-temperature, weather resistant and creep resistant steels. The range comprises all-positional rutile types and downhand basic types with nice welding characteristics and high productivity, combined with excellent weld metal mechanical properties and diffusible hydrogen in AWS class H4. 


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