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Support for the qualification of welding processes (EN ISO 15614-1)

Depending on the manufacturing standard, the manufacturer of a welded construction must provide a proof of qualification of the welding methods and processes. Our experts are at your disposal for the preparatory activities, the execution of the welds, downstream activities such as preparation, testing and examination of the samples and compilation of all documents, as well as final drafting of the welding procedure qualification report (WPQR).


  • Individual tasks for the creation of a WPQR, coordinated with the customer

Prototype Production (Process Development)

We offer our customer a technical partnership for innovative future-oriented project developments. The competitiveness of our customers is strengthened by our support within a joint project strategy.

  • Development of approaches for new welding solutions
  • Support in the selection of materials for new welding solutions, the choice of welding processes and the preparation of welding procedures
  • Execution of test welds (creation of the DOE matrix – design of experiment)
  • Analysis of the results and recommendations for efficient, production-related solutions that meet the requirements
  • Listing of presentable welding processes and other services such as metallographic examinations, mechanical tests, heat treatment, etc.

Qualification of your welding processes

All welding processes of steel welding constructions have to be qualified conforming the European standard EN 1090.

Böhler Welding offers you the opportunity of qualifying, with their assistance, the welding processes undertaken at your company. With this in mind and under the supervision of the testing and certification institute TÜV SÜD SZA Österreich, Technische Prüf-GmbH, Böhler Welding has performed independent welding trials in their welding laboratory using a total of 53 different configurations (see tables), and tested these samples in accordance with EN ISO 15614-1.