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diamondspark wires used on polar scientific investigation ship

Böhler Ti 60 T-FD (CO2) (diamondspark Ni1 RC (C1)) and
Böhler Ti 52 T-FD (CO2) (diamondspark 46 RC (C1))

Shanghai Jiangnan shipyard, which belongs to China State Ship Building Co., Ltd. is one of the famous shipyards in China. XueLong 2 is the first Polar scientific investigation ship by a Chinese shipyard, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Due to the future tasks of the ship and high importance of this project, the requirements for any material - especially welding filler materials - was set very high.

The biggest challenges in this task were probably the strict requirements given by the customer and to find the best solution in welding filler materials that can meet all these requirements to the fullest:

  • Base metal: FH32 and FH40
  • all welding position required
  • 1.0 and 1.2mm wire required
  • key mechanical properties requirements:
  • diffused hydrogen max. 4ml/100g, AKV (-40°C) ≥ 60J

According to those requirements, the team of Böhler Welding suggested the seamless flux-cored wires Böhler Ti 60 T-FD (CO2) (diamondspark Ni1 RC (C1)) and Böhler Ti 52 T-FD (CO2) (diamondspark 46 RC (C1)) which are both part of the diamondspark range and therefore the best low hydrogen solution on the market.

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The diamondspark seamless cored wires offer the widest range of highest quality wires manufactured in Europe. Fabricated for a new area in high duty cycle welding in mechanized and robotic applications.

A core benefit of the diamondspark is the seamless design which offers optimal protection gainst moisture reabsorption and thereby against hydrogen induced cracking / hydrogen assisted cracking. diamondspark seamless cored wires are produced with very low levels of diffusible hydrogen – typically 2-3 ml / 100g weld metal for rutile types and even lower for metal-cored and basic wires. And they maintain this property until the moment of welding.

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