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Success Story | Vorarlberg

Haberkorn – Vorarlberg’s #1 in welding technology

Haberkorn is Austria’s largest technical dealer for industry and construction. The portfolio of the company incredibly includes 180,000 items, from drive elements and worker protection to roller bearings, and is internationally successful with 30 locations in Central and Eastern Europe. Vorarlberg concentrates on the area of welding technology and accessories. Personal proximity with the best advice and support are an important success factor and a real concern of the dedicated teams. The customers in the region appreciate this.

More than good products

Haberkorn supplies the entire portfolio of voestalpine Böhler Welding for welding consumables, where the products form the main focus for joint welding. In addition the company sets standards in terms of customer service and its activities in the field of welding. “Haberkorn is a family company for which people like to work,” says Günter Spiegel, Head of Haberkorn Welding Technology. And for outsiders, it looks as if the “welder community” in Vorarlberg is a family in which Spiegel and his team are uniquely engaged.

"We have a good “wire” to voestalpine Böhler Welding. The application engineer supports us simply and without complications for issues in customer service."

Günter Spiegel, Head of Haberkorn Welding Technology

Delivery in 2 hours

If it has to be fast, they even deliver in 2 hours with their own fleet. Consulting, even on-site, is a matter of course. “voestalpine Böhler Welding gives us exemplary support. The application engineers are available for consultations at any time. And what we order is delivered extremely quickly,” says Günter Spiegel. But not only does Haberkorn go to its customers, the customers come to Haberkorn at Wolfurt and order not only by telephone, email or via the e-shop.

"What we order is delivered extremely quickly."

Günter Spiegel

Personal and imaginative

In the Rhine valley market town, there is a modern shop on two floors where the customer is welcome. One can gain practical insights in the projection room or on the welding simulator, or bring welding equipment to the connected workshop for repair. Haberkorn performs major repairs on site. A special event is the Haberkorn Welding Night, where around 300 guests annually enjoy hospitality exhibitions and welding demonstrations, as shown in the cover picture, and enjoy sharing their expertise. Günter Spiegel, “The conversations with each other, the personal relationships, and the fact that our service staff regularly drops in on our customers all create trust and loyalty – and, last but not least, are well received with the young.” No wonder then that Haberkorn also supports the Austrian Welder Junior National Team.