voestalpine Böhler Welding

BÖHLER Welding filler metals in use on China's high-speed train lines

Success Story

China's high-speed train lines are designed for speeds of up to 350 km/h. This demands the highest level of quality in every detail. The welding of spacer blocks to the rail material in high-speed turnouts involves a considerable challenge, as the elements to be joined are made of different steel grades. Whereas the rail material is a high carbon steel (R350HT), the spacer block is a low carbon steel (Q345D). High carbon steels are generally difficult to weld.

Different materials. CNTT - Chinese New Turnout Technologies, as one of the main suppliers, develops and produces the high-speed turnouts for rail network development in China. Local welding consumables suppliers could not guarantee the high quality requirements regarding durability and crack resistance.

Diamondspark - the optimal solution. The seamless cored wire BÖHLER HL 51 T-MC from the series Diamondspark by Böhler Welding proves to be a filler material that meets all requirements. The BÖHLER HL 51 T-MC also boasts low hydrogen diffusion, a factor which is also responsible for cracking. Not only the product itself is highly impressive, but also the service and support provided by voestalpine BÖHLER Welding. The wire was extensively tested on-site. Supplementary training for CNTT welders ensures the development of know-how and better performance. In addition, a permanent technical exchange is taking place between the Chinese turnout specialist and the experts from voestalpine BÖHLER Welding. This provides CNTT with reliable, stable quality and reduces costs for the company through higher efficiency and less reworking time.