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3D manufacturing of a propeller

Success Story

BÖHLER 3Dprint AM Cu 6328

Naval Group is the european leader in naval defence and a major player in energy. The group designs, produces and supports submarines and surface ships and also provides services for naval shipyards and bases.

For the Naval Group and the team of Böhler Welding, the target in this project was to find a more efficient way of manufacturing a cupro-aluminium propeller using a MIG twin process.


  • Replace parts produced by casting with 3D printed parts
  • Obtain mechanical properties higher or equal to those of cast parts, without defects (above all porosity)
  • Reach competitive production costs compared to that of cast parts

After a few testruns with 2 different products from the Böhler Welding 3Dprint range, the team finally selected the BÖHLER 3Dprint AM Cu 6328 wire because of its good mechanical properties and good “printing” behavior.

BÖHLER 3Dprint AM Cu 6328 is a Al-Ni bronze solid wire like CuAl9Ni5Fe3Mn2 type specifically designed for 3D-printing processes such as wire arc additive manufacturing. This alloy is resistant to seawater and cavitation resistant. The wire is available in 1.2 mm diameter in the packaging base drum with 200 kg or BS300 spool with 15 kg.


  • Higher productivity
  • More cost-effective solution
  • Reduced delivery times
  • Less defects
  • No need for sub-contracting

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