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Schweißen & Schneiden Flashback Part 5

25th Jan 2018

New Time and Cost-Efficient Weld Overlay Solutions

Repair, ant-wear and cladding specialist UTP Maintenance took advantage of the podium of Schweißen & Schneiden 2017 to present new time and cost-efficient weld overlay solutions for respectively the repair of worn continuous casting rollers and for the cladding of Alloy 625 onto non or low-alloyed steel. Both have in common that the required chemical composition is reached in a single layer and that considerable savings are obtained in terms of weld overlay time in comparison with conventional methods.

The new weld overlay technique for continuous casting rollers was shown on the stand by means of life demonstrations. The submerged arc cored wire / flux overlay combination SK 743N-SK / RECORD SK is a solution for steel mills requiring a universal repair method over the full length of the continuous casting line. It forms a time-efficient compromise for using multiple product combinations. The innovative aspect of this combination is that the targeted chemical composition is reached in just one layer when overlaying onto commonly applied creep resistant steel roller materials such as 42CrMo4, 25CrMo4, 16CrMo44 and 21CrMoV5. The same solution is available with the FCAW process using the open arc cored wire SK 743N-O.

In one of the lectures performed during Schweißen & Schneiden, UTP Maintenance presented its patented new solutions for the single layer cladding of Alloy 625 onto non or low-alloyed steel using the electroslag strip cladding process. The new strip / flux combination - SOUDOTAPE 625 / RECORD EST 625-1 LD - cuts down on cladding time and the use of cladding materials, while meeting industry requirements for the deposited metal. Alloy 625 composition with an Fe <10% requirement can be realized in a single layer with reduced thickness, while an Fe<7 requirement can be met in one instead of two layers, both compared with conventional ESSC solutions.

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