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Welding Consumables for Crane & Lifting

9th Dec 2020

In the crane and lifting industry the ongoing trend is to use high strength material with low wall thickness to reduce weight and costs of welded components. The demand of high quality, consistent mechanical properties combined with high production rates constitutes a major challenge for the welding operations in Crane and Lifting.

Böhler Welding offers the perfectly suitable diamondspark seamless cored wires for all high strength grades, including the unique offer for the 1100 MPa yield strength. In addition, Böhler Welding also has a wide range of solid wires for the construction of high strength structures, which have a high quality standard, excellent welding behavior and constant mechanical properties.

Our best-in-class products

 diamondspark seamless metal-cored wires:

  • diamondspark 700 MC
  • diamondspark 900 MC
  • diamondspark 960 MC

solid wires:

  • Böhler X70-IG
  • Union NiMoCr
  • Union X85
  • Union X90
  • Union X96


The new reference in welding

Böhler Welding is working close to manufacturers with a whole range of dedicated solutions for each application. The perfect welding behavior and joint properties are achieved by harmonizing excellent welding consumables with best welding equipment performances, like the URANOS 2700 MTE.


More information

Find more information as well as the complete list of products for high strength grades on our website section for Crane & Lifting.