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Terra & Uranos. The new reference in welding machines.

26th Jun 2019

Your challenge is to JOIN materials made of metal. You know how to weld constructions for bridges, machines and power plants. In your job you do not need “a” solution, YOU DESERVE the best. Our offering includes a unique portfolio of welding application services, high end welding consumables, accessories and welding machines – we are your Full Welding Solution Provider. With our equipment lines Terra & Uranos we set new standards in all standard and special welding processes.

The industry-unique matching combines welding consumable, power source and accessories to provide you with reliable consistent, high performance welding.

Allowing you to perform repeatable BEST in CLASS welds that you can be proud of. That’s what we stand for – with a 5-years guarantee on all Terra & Uranos welding equipment.

Equipment Terra Uranos

TERRA. The new reference in general welding.



  • Perfect Steel Welding 
  • Compact and robust design
  • Easy setting
  • Light weight

The compact and robust design of Terra Welding machines make it possible to use in a variety of working environments, even in confined spaces. Terra Welding machines from the quality brand of Böhler Welding are suitable for the MMA, manual and semi-automatic, TIG DC and MIG / MAG processes and offer a power range from 150 to 500 amperes. Terra welding machines like to be challenged under heavy loads and guarantee to give you consistant output for every weld every day.

URANOS. The new reference for demanding applications.



  • Energy efficient, high-tech Inverter 
  • Perfectly coordinated welding programs
  • Multiprocess cabable
  • Expandable for the futures

The premium welding machines of the Uranos series are equipped with numerous technical features. Böhler Welding inverters of the Uranos product line can be used in the MMA manual, TIG AC/DC, MIG / MAG, MIG / MAG pulse and multiprocess and have a power range from 150 to 500 amperes. They inspire welders, by the demand-based usage of pre-set welding parameters depending on the requirements whilst guaranteeing reproducible and excellent welding results – and thus lasting connections.

Our Product Portfolio:

Welding Process

Welding Machine

Special Process

RapiDeep 2.0, QuickPulse 2.0

Multi Process

Uranos 2700 MTE, Uranos 3200 GSM, Uranos 4000 GSM, Uranos 5000 GSM


Uranos 2700 PMC , Uranos 3200 PME, Uranos 4000 PME, Uranos 5000 PME


Uranos 1700 AC /DC , Uranos 2200 AC /DC, Uranos 2700 AC /DC, Uranos 3200 AC /DC, Uranos 4000 AC /DC

MIG/MAG Standard

Terra 320 SMC, Terra 320 MSE, Terra 400 MSE, Terra 500 MSE, Uranos 2000 SMC , Uranos 2700 SMC


Terra 180 TLH, Terra 270 TLH, Terra 320 TLH, Uranos 2200 TLH


Terra 150, Terra 180, Terra 220 RC, Terra 270 RC, Terra 350 RC, Uranos 1500 RC Case


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