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Open House Flashback: diamondspark lectures & live demos

11th Sep 2019

diamondspark. Seamless cored wires for brilliant results

As part of our three-day Open House event in Hamm, Germany, our diamondspark lectures presented a deep insight into the best applications for different cored wires in high demanding industries like crane & lifting, ship building and penstock.

Starting from the introduction of diamondspark as a worldwide recognized premium brand in the welding application, the visitors of the lectures were guided through impressive product features, product benefits and customer benefits as well as success stories of BÖHLER X70 L-MC and BÖHLER Ti 60 T-FD SR.

Here you find our main solutions for un- and low alloyed steel welding.

Unalloyed seamless flux-cored wires (Examples):
Steel construction, Shipbuilding and Bridges

  • Böhler TI 46 T-FD
  • Böhler TI 52 T-FD
  • Böhler HL 46 T-MC

Unalloyed seamless flux-cored wires (Examples):
Transportation & Crane

  • Böhler HL 51 L-MC
  • Böhler Kb 52 T-FD
  • Böhler X70 L-MC

Un- & low alloyed seamless flux-cored wires (Examples):

  • diamondspark X52 RC-Pipe
  • diamondspark X60 RC-Pipe
  • diamondspark X70 RC-Pipe

Here you find further products and applications of diamondspark seamless cored wires.

Seamless flux-cored wires for high-strength fine-grained structural steels (Examples):
Oil & Gas, Offshore

  • Böhler TI 52 T-FD (HP)
  • Böhler TI 60 T-FD
  • Böhler HL 53 T-MC 

Seamless flux-cored wires for creep resistant steels (Examples):
Power generation and chemical industry

  • Böhler DMO TI T-FD
  • Böhler DCMS TI T-FD
  • Böhler DMO T-MC 

Find more information about the diamondspark product portfolio in the download area or here:

diamondspark Live Demo:

The visitors of our live demo were able to meet our successful joining solutions and follow the highly productive processing of metal cored wires.

Perfect welding properties of our rutile cored wires were presented by showcasing diamondspark 52 RC and diamondspark 46 MC under real-life conditions during our live demo.

Click through our Gallery (on the sidebar) to get some impressions of our seamless cored wires live demos.