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Increased profit from wire volume drum system

14th Jul 2016

High quality welding wires from filler metal specialist voestalpine Böhler Welding can now be ordered in cardboard drums with filling contents from 250 up to 500 kg. The wire volume systems provide efficient MIG/MAG welding by largely avoiding downtime for spool exchange, especially in mechanized and robotic operations. A range of special accessories for efficient internal transport, installation and wire pay-off is available. Drum solutions are offered for non and low-alloyed wire grades, stainless, aluminium, nickel-base and copper-base wire types for welding, cladding, hardfacing and brazing.


Streamlined MIG/MAG welding for increased profit


User benefits

Drastically reduced downtime for spool exchange

Increased arc time and higher production output

No spools getting empty during welding

No partly welded objects to repair or scrap, higher production output

Problem-free wire transport due to high wire quality and special feeding system

Stable welding performance, increased arc time and higher productivity

Controlled wire cast and helix

Precise weld positioning in mechanized and robotized welding

No spool weight to be pulled into motion

Lower wear of wire feeder components such as motors and rollers


Drastically reduced downtime for wire spool exchange is a major saving when using drums instead of, for example, 18 kg wire spools. With the 500 kg drum, fabricators avoid 26 spool changes of roughly ten minutes each, while the 250 kg drum still accounts for a gain of 13 spool changes. The result is 260 or 130 more minutes of net arc time and a correspondingly higher production output and increased profit. Use of the drums will thereby immediately lower your welding costs and improve your company’s competitive edge. In addition, the implementation of the drum systems in robotic, mechanized and even in manual welding will streamline your entire MIG/MAG welding operation providing distinctive benefits for fabricators.


Choice of round and octagonal drums

Welding wire drums from voestalpine Böhler Welding are either round or octagonal. Both are made from cardboard and can be used with the same set of accessories. Round drums are very strong and are a good option for heavy welding applications and tough conditions. Octagonal drums are fit for mainstream use without a chance of heavy impact forces onto the drum. The latter is foldable when empty, taking minimal storage space until disposal. Drum components are fully recy­clable. Both drum types are offered across the wire ranges of the company’s three brands. - Böhler Welding, UTP Maintenance and Fontargen Brazing.


Accessories for safe and efficient internal transport and installation

A hand-pushed trolley and lifting bar are available for safe and efficient transport over the work floor or through the air by overhead crane. A simply installed set of wire pay-off tools and special “click and go” liners for various wire grades ensure low-force and trouble-free wire feeding. 

Download your brochure on Böhler Welding Drum Solutions at www.voestalpine.com/welding/Services/Downloads or on the right side of this page and view the easy and efficient installation of the drums with special accessories here.