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European classification: How stick electrodes are classified

6th Jun 2017

European classification

The EU’s EN classification system standardizes different products, including welding consumables. Most welding consumables are classified in accordance with an EN ISO standard.

There are a number of different EN ISO standards that apply for different areas:

  • Stick electrodes for unalloyed steels and fine-grained steels (EN ISO 2560)
  • Stick electrodes for high-strength steels (EN ISO 18275)
  • Stick electrodes for creep-resistant steels (EN ISO 3580)
  • Stick electrodes for stainless and heat-resistant steels (EN ISO 3581)
  • Stick electrodes for nickel and nickel alloys (EN ISO 14172)
  • Stick electrodes for cast-iron (EN ISO 1071)


How the EN ISO 2560-A standard works

You need a different type of stick electrode depending on the type of metal you want to weld. The EN standard gives you precise information about which stick electrode you can use for which metal.


Overview of welding positions in accordance with Euronorm and the AWS (American Welding Society)



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