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Boric acid free flux coated rods

11th Jun 2017

New development of a process-friendly flux!

Flux coated rods – Boric acid free

According to the European CLP regulation, toxic substances such as boric acid and Borax have been re-classified and categorized as toxic to reproduction “can affect fertility. Can damage the child in the mother‘s womb”. Our new coating without SVHC-Substance Of Very High Concern, is the alternative to the existing products. Our boric acid-free product is therefore particularly interesting with regard to safety and REACH-aspects in companies as well as in workshops.

  • Boric acid free
  • Borax free
  • No fumes
  • Partly flexible
  • Transport secure
  • No spalling of the coating
  • Wider fluxing activity range
  • Excellent flowing characteristic
  • Easy removal of flux residues


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