voestalpine Böhler Welding

Welding know-how joins steel

Customers in over 150 countries benefit from voestalpine Böhler Welding expertise. Focused on filler metals, voestalpine Böhler Welding offers extensive technical consultation and individual solutions for industrial welding and soldering applications. Customer proximity is guaranteed by 43 subsidiaries in more than 25 countries, with the support of 2,300 employees, and through more than 1,000 distribution partners worldwide. voestalpine Böhler Welding offers three specialized and dedicated brands to cater our customers’ and partners’ requirements.

Lasting connections

More than 2,000 products for joint welding in all conventional arc welding processes are united in a product portfolio that is unique throughout the world. Creating lasting connections is the brand‘s philosophy in welding and between people.

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In-Depth Know-How

Through deep insight into processing methods and ways of application, Fontargen Brazing provides the best brazing and soldering solutions based on proven products with German technology. The expertise of this brand’s application engineers has been formulated over many years of experience from countless application cases.

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Tailor-made Protectivity (TM)

Decades of industry experience and application know-how in the areas of repair as well as wear and surface protection, combined with innovative and custom-tailored products, guarantee customers an increase in the productivity and protection of their components.

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Our values

Eight clear values unite our employees throughout the world in their thoughts and actions. 


We concentrate on our core business to provide the highest level of expertise within our portfolio. 


We think globally and act locally. By following this idea, we harmonize our activities worldwide and ensure a local contact for our customers that provide the highest value. 


We are a reliable and responsible partner today and in the long-term future. Just like our products, our relationships are lasting. What we promise we deliver. 


We are a team that works closely together and exchanges knowledge beyond any boundary. We integrate partners into our processes to create benefit for them and for ourselves. 


Like a pioneer, we find new paths that no one has gone before. We set the pace by developing valuable solutions that are new to the market and unique in the industry. 


Through the passion for what we do, we always surpass the ordinary standards and exceed our customer’s expectation. By being extraordinarily good, we outperform our competitors and take the lead. 


Our deep metallurgical know-how and our long-term experience enable us to give the best technical advice to our customers and solve their most demanding challenges.

Customer Focused

The customer is in the center of all activities. Our developments, services, and products are geared to the customer needs in order to serve them in the best way.