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Filler Material and Automation Solutions

Joining forces with welding automation specialist WELTRON GmbH, Böhler Welding can now offer full process solutions. Böhler Welding Automation combines unique filler material expertise with welding process competence focusing on multi-wire submerged arc welding. We are capable to deliver turnkey systems based on excellent mechanization know-how and developed with full focus on customer specific technological and economic requirements. Clients are enabled to participate in the development of their arc welding solutions and receive full support and service in making systems operational.

The Böhler Welding Automation commitment:

  • Return on Investment
  • Made in Germany
  • Reliable welding technology
  • 24 hours service for system availability
  • Flexible solutions
  • Combined filler material and
  • automation expertise
  • Latest safety standards
  • CE conform documentation

Tailor-Made Solutions

Optimal solutions in terms of process variants and mechanization concepts are discussed with our customers during the preparation phase of the offer. When accepted, the actual design and construction of the SAW equipment is fully performed in-house, making use of modern 3D-CAD tools. The same is valid for the complete electrical and electronic design, including machine control panels and control cabinets. Also machine / customer specific software – such as PLC programs in Step 7 format, user interfaces in WIN-CC format and interfaces for various Bus systems – are developed in-house with great flexibility. Last but not least, Böhler Welding Automation performs the complete assembly and commissioning of the equipment at the customers’ site, at home and abroad.

Industry 4.0 in Welding Technology

Digitalization and internet are gaining more and more importance in welding technology.

Böhler Welding Automation has developed a submerged arc welding system in which the inverter power source, the PLC welding control and the mechanization components communicate, enabling a real-time process analysis which can even be shown on mobile phones and tablets, when desired. Use for quality monitoring will become possible, enabling control of the welding process and early intervention in case of welding errors, to save time and reduce costs.

Our products at a glance

Our subarc machines will be adapted to the customer`s demands. The whole range could be realised:

  • SA single wire DC or AC
  • SA with cold wire DC
  • SA twinarc welding DC or AC
  • SA tandem DC-AC
  • SA tandem twin arc DC-AC
  • SA three wire DC-AC-AC
  • SA single wire narrow gap DC or AC
  • SA tandem narrow gap DC-AC
  • SA single twin narrow gap DC-AC
  • SA twin single narrow gap DC-AC
  • SA-series arc welding AC
  • SA modified series arc welding AC-AC
  • SA multihead machines, e.g. double fillet(single, twin, tandem)
  • SA strip cladding(massive, fluxcored, sintered)
  • Electroslag strip cladding (massive or sintered)
  • Internal welding heads for circumferential/longitudinal applications and strip (single and multi wire)

Other components designed by us:

  • Contact tips holders
  • Wire straighteners
  • Wire reels
  • Flux recycling
  • Sensor systems
  • Process monitor systems
  • Process controls
  • Welding head and workpiece positioning
  • NC controls

Series Arc means a welding current division between one arc (electrode/workpiece 55%) and another one (electrode/additional wire 45%). No beveling is necessary (oxyfueled or plasma cut seam preparation). Thicknesses from 12 mm butt to 18 mm V-groove. From one side, one pass on a flux backing. Max. gap +- 1,5 mm. The geometrical position of the electrode and additional wire is important for a successful welding procedure.

  • Combination of plasma welding for root pass and TIG cold wire for hot pass simultaneously
  • Welding head guidance with laser scanner and automatic voltage control (AVC)
  • Visual process monitoring with camera/monitor systems for open arc
  • We prefer EWM Tetrix Plasma Welders

Driven for longitudinal welds

  • Gantries
  • Semi portals with undercarriage
  • Semi portals with wall and floor rails

Fixed portals

  • Welding direction parallel to the drive direction (portal for butt welds, portal for fillet welds with or without prestressed workpiece)
  • Welding direction 90° to the drive direction (flow method)

Our portfolio ranges from standard versions over semi automatic versions up to fully programmable portals with two welding heads. E.g. possible is welding of five modules of a truck with more than 20 seam preparation.

All of our machines could be equipped with NC Axles (also retrofitted, please ask for a quotation). Together with our operator friendly panels there will be a a maximum of productivity. No programming knowledge is necessary - in opposite to robot or classic NC-panels we write our own software. So it could be adapted to the customer`s needs (very important at the start up, where flexibility is needed).

Our NC-controlled welding machines are our customer`s warranty to compete.

voestalpine Böhler Welding offers a wide range of solutions for automated welding of pipes. Our pipe welding machines at a glance:

  • Inside longitudinal welding (column and booms)
  • Outside longitudinal welding (C&B, fixed or with undercarriage, driven semiportals, fixed portals, semiportals with pipe carriages)
  • Inside circumferential welding (C&B with rotators)
  • Outside circumferential welding (rotators with fixed C&B or portal/ semiportal)

We have years of experience in the wide range of pipe manufacturing. From plasma TIG welding machines for stainless steel pipes up to machines with subarc multiwire technology for offshore pipes.
Retrofit welding packages for older machines are possible too.

Leading hydraulic and mining manufacturers are working with our special welding machines for hydraulic cylinders. The workpiece is fixed in a rotator and depending on the diameter combined methods (root in TIG and filler in GMAW or root in GMAW and filler in subarc).

Fully NC controlled rail bogies for high precision positioning.

From compressed air to brewery vessels: voestalpine Böhler Welding covers the whole range of vessel manufacturing.

With twin arc wire and special power source technology, a welding speed of 2.5 m/min. could be realised with welding cooling coils on a brewery vessel (D=4 m).

Our longitudinal welding machines (seamers) are designed for precise and high productive welding results. Standard versions (3,000 mm) up to special versions (12,500 mm) are possible. All seamers have a flexible clamping technology, an optional tracking sensor and a programmable automatic flowchart (e.g. reverse and stress relieve). The special ones have an optimal material transport with adjustable direction, modern sensor- and welding technology (all processes are possible). This will be your guarantee for your success.

RES strip cladding is similar to subarc strip cladding. Here is no arc but the material will melt because of Joule heat input. The high current together with the resistance will melt the pool (liquid slag). This method will be used for corrosive and abrasive protection.

Especially pump and armatures manufacturer are working with our Lug welding machines. Unique technologies make the fully automatic multipass welding of thick workpieces possible. An enormous increasing of productivity and a relaxation for the operator!

To join thick workpieces with less filler material, a narrow gap for seam preparation will be choosen. To reduce the seam`s volume there are almost parallel sides. Benefits are less consume of filler material, less heat input and less welding time.

The challenge here is the right design of the welding head. voestalpine Böhler Welding has a lot of experience in turn key narrow gap welding machines.

Retrofit of older machines with narrow gap welding packages is possible.

Our standard machines, special robots and special welding machines could be equipped with the GMAW process (incl. Tandem). Even combined processes (GMAW/ SA or TIG/ GMAW) are possible.

In addition, oscillators and special sensors and camera/monitor systems for open arc are our specialties.

voestalpine Böhler Welding delivers always a suitable fixture for your welding problem. Customers from vessel, steel, pipe, shipyard, automotive, cylinder, pumps and armatures industry and research and development institutes can confirm.

The control regulates the welding process and the movement of the welding head or workpiece. Manufacturing welding controls is one of our roots and there is an extra ordinary competence. We can deliver a suitable control for every welding job.

Due to overloads in a tough environment there is a need for an adapted control technology. Precise control of numeric axles, ideal operation and shielding against electromagnetic fields is a standard of our controls (incl. Alarm system). Hard and software are made in our factory.

voestalpine Böhler Welding develops and delivers sensors and sensor systems for welding machines based on different technologies. The result is an optimized seam tracking together with precise driven slides. The productivity and the ability to compete, increases even under the rough environment of mechanized welding.

Modernization of older welding fixtures. Refurbishing of the mechanical parts. New Heads and controls (new welding packages) for state of the art.


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