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Steel Castings

voestalpine VAE VKN is a high quality technical foundry and has the know how to cast all type of steel castings.

voestalpine VAE VKN is specialist into deliveries and the fabrication of hand mould steel castings included the high alloyed contents. The main businesses are steel castings in series or tailor make from 1 kg up to 6,000 kg.

Our portfolio

  • High Tensile Steel with Good Weldability
  • Heat Treatable Steel
  • Ferrite Heat Resistant Steel
  • Tough at Sub-zero Steel
  • Soft Magnetic Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Heat Resistance Steel
  • Non Magnetic Steel
  • Wear Resistant Steel
  • Cast Tool Steel
  • Carbon Steel for General Use

voestalpine VAE VKN - your partner for innovative and economical solutions in steel castings.