Toyota – always a better way

TBF steel development for Toyota

"Always a better way" is the brand promise of Toyota. It expresses the philosophy of a global company with continuing efforts to further develop future solutions in the field of mobility.

Lighter-weight and more compact seat rails. Toyota has developed a new seat rail design. The seat rails were designed for the Toyota C-HR, a new crossover. The new designs save an entire kilogram of weight per car as a result of reduced material thickness and compact design (reduced height). The structures are optimized in both moving elements as well as the support rail and allow efficient manufacturing processes. The ambitious design and high level of safety that must be guaranteed by seat rails place high demands on the material.

Toyota a reliable partner to voestalpine in Europe. Manufactured in the Toyota factory in Turkey, the Toyota C-HR is sold across the world. The European headquarters, Toyota Motor Europe, selected voestalpine as a key supplier.

As a globally active automaker, local availability of materials and components is important to us. voestalpine has a reputation in Europe of being an innovative steelmaker. The results delivered by voestalpine confirm our decision.
Gerald Killmann, Vice President Toyota Motor Europe
Our responsibility lies in supplying high-strength steels for complex components with the best forming properties while at the same time meeting all customer specifications. We were able to achieve this with great success.
Thomas Hebesberger, Process Manager in Material Development of Thin Sheet Grades and Silicon Grades

TBF steel with high total elongation value. Based on the given specifications, voestalpine developed a new steel grade in the TBF980-MPa class. The main challenge was to combine high total elongation value with a high hole expansion value. The TBF solution (TRIP bainitic-ferrite matrix) guarantees the perfect combination of these two values within the narrowest tolerances and features excellent processing properties. The project was kicked off in 2010 when the respective developers were given the go-ahead. Production of the C-HR began on schedule in the fall of 2016.

Partner to OEMs throughout Europe and the world. For half a century now, voestalpine has not only been a supplier but also a strategic partner to European OEMs in the field of high-quality niche products. Cooperation with Toyota began more recently, but this project was not the first. We have been in a lively exchange with Toyota since the beginning of the century and delivered our first material to them in 2005. The technical expertise of the voestalpine team members is held in high esteem, but also their ability to adapt to customer-specific processes in the course of project execution is a skill that is appreciated by partners both in Europe and the Far East. The successful project has already resulted directly in intensified discussions about new collaborative efforts.