Top surface

Highest-quality surfaces on steels for exposed panels

Panel coatings can only be as good as the underlying surface. New coating systems without any fillers require the highest surface quality on hot-dip galvanized steels for exposed panels in the automotive industry. voestalpine offers this high quality.

Perfect coating, efficient manufacturing! Doors, roofs and engine hoods: We all appreciate perfect coatings and surfaces. That is what modern automobile manufacturers have to offer, but they are always interested in making their manufacturing lines as efficient as possible. Innovative coating systems without any fillers have reduced the number of worksteps and enameling processes. Meanwhile, however, the reduced number of coating layers and thinner coating thicknesses reveal even the smallest surface imperfections and impurities on the steel surface and can negatively impact the final coating appearance.

Stay ahead of the rest. As a proactive partner to the automotive industry, voestalpine boasts of being one step ahead. A cross-discipline project team of specialists from research and development, production and quality control took the challenge and raised the surface quality of hot-dip galvanized steels for exposed panels to a level that meets even the most demanding surface requirements.

Comprehensive approach. Perfect conditions were created in a collaboration between production and logistics specialists. A multi-year project was carried out to implement new methods of flow simulation in the hot-dip galvanizing of continuous steel strip (see image) and to develop new methods of analyzing surface quality. For example, the surface inspection system used to test the quality of every coil was further optimized. The improvements were made measurable by developing a grading system for the classification surface quality that is completely unique to voestalpine.

Benchmark of the industry. The optimization of manufacturing and quality inspection processes at voestalpine has led to a level of quality that yields homogeneous surface quality and excellent surface appearance, even for the newest coating systems. The new processes have achieved an excellent level of coating quality for even the most demanding applications.