Thick CP 800 steels

Hot-dip galvanized complex-phase steels in thicknesses up to 3 mm

Steels for automotive light-weight design are a specialty of voestalpine. Our mission is to provide the optimum steel solution for every application and component design. The extended portfolio of complex-phase steels opens new opportunities for optimum component design.

A long list of advantages: The use of ultralight complex-phase steels made by voestalpine has proven to be effective in the industrial-scale production of automotive parts. Their high yield strength, energy absorption and progressive buckling behavior have proven to be highly effective in crashes. CP steels demonstrate very good performance during the forming process. Their bending properties and high resistance to edge cracking are maintained even at the points of narrowest radii. This guarantees the excellent formability of stamped edges. The steel in the non-formed areas of the component is characterized by high yield strength and very high local resistance to crack propagation.

A sure and safe solution: This characteristic property profile makes voestalpine CP steels an ideal solution for safety- and crash relevant components. These steels are highly recommended for side members, rocker panels, door impact beams, seat rails and chassis components. These steels are commonly processed using roll profiling, bending and edging technologies.

More opportunities for design engineers: voestalpine extends the portfolio. Complex-phase steels are supplied in cold-rolled and hot-dip galvanized conditions in thicknesses up to 2.2 mm. voestalpine now also offers a complex-phase steel in a strength of 800 MPa in hot-rolled and hot-dip galvanized condition.

The thicknesses in the CR660Y780T-CP and HR660Y760T-CP steel grades now range from 0.8 mm to 3.0 mm, thus providing a substantially wider range and higher level of flexibility for engineers in the design of components made of complex-phase steels supplied by voestalpine.